4 Best Getaway Secret Spots in Gurgaon That You Might Have Never Heard Of!


Gurgaon continues to surprise us with new delights despite its undeniable familiarity. Among them are spots to relax, dine, or even spend a peaceful afternoon away from the hustle and bustle. A long journey isn’t always feasible, and city life can sometimes become overwhelming. 

We all know that you have been looking out for peaceful areas around the city and making them your peaceful spot. We decided to find the undiscovered treasures of Gurgaon and share them with you so that these stunning locations can make you feel at ease whenever you feel tired after a hectic week. Let’s take a look at these together!

1. Leopard Trail-

The Leopard Trail is a wandering bicycle path in Gurgaon’s Aravali Hills that is ideal for your two-wheeled adventures because it is surrounded by natural beauty. You can experience an unusual viewpoint of the surrounding countryside in addition to experiencing the cool breeze. Anyone who enjoys exploring new routes must check out the curvy Leopard Trail around Gurgaon. 

Since the road is often abandoned, exploring this region in a group is best. Additionally, people who enjoy biking and cycling will love this track. Additionally, a few cafés and shack-like shops provide pipping hot tea and paratha, making it an ideal boost after a thrilling ride! The greenery and serene ambiance here undoubtedly contrast the usual hectic lifestyle and act as an ideal getaway.


Location: Leopard Trails, Aravalli Hills, Garat Pur Bas, Gurugram Haryana.

2. Farukh Nagar

Farrukhnagar is a historic town with roots in the 18th century that is located in the Gurgaon district of Haryana. This township, one of Gurgaon’s nine administrative blocks, was initially established in 1732 by Faujdar Khan, the first Nawab of Farrukhnagar. 

The octagonal shape of the town’s architecture is an essential attraction for visitors worldwide, and the exquisite beauty of this town’s history continues to be a popular tourist destination. In addition to the fort, this town has a lot of additional attractions. Nearby sights worth seeing include the Sheesh Mahal with its magnificent and elaborate mirror work, Jama Masjid, Sita Ram Mandir, historic havelis, and Sultanpur National Park.


Location: Farrukh Nagar Gurugram Haryana.

3. Mangar Village-

The surrounding hills of Mangar are one of the most desired locations for people who look for greenery around New Delhi. Although most visitors frequently overlook street art, it is a highlight for adventurous people. When it comes to activities, one may go hiking, biking, rock climbing, bouldering, or even do an adventurous motorbike ride. The area is becoming increasingly popular among families looking for a quick Sunday picnic.


Location: Mangar Bani, Faridabad Haryana.

4. Ghamroj Village

The Ghamroj Valley is a gorgeous spot, similar to the “Aravali Hills,” with mountains around. There may be another level of relaxation if you visit during the rainy season—a wonderful location for camping or a quick excursion. Enjoy the waterfall and find peace, especially during heavy rains. The scenery in the Ghamroj Valley is breathtaking, and taking a refreshing dip under the waterfall could make you feel as if you’ve stepped into an entirely different world.

Many people in the area have recently started hosting bouldering and rock-climbing events. You can book a trip at the Lalit Hotel or just visit one of the Mangar rock climbing locations and take a crash course for a few hours. When it comes to wildlife, you could be lucky enough to see four-horned antelopes, jackals, civets, Indian crested porcupines, ratels, leopards, and hyenas.

    Location: Ghamroj Village , Sohna Tehsil , Gurgaon.