Arjun Marg – Gurgaon’s Best-Kept Shopping Secret!


Tired of the usual Sarojini Nagar shopping routine? If you’re seeking a unique and budget-friendly shopping experience, look no further than Arjun Marg in Gurgaon. Located at DLF Phase 1, this bustling market is a favorite among both locals and travelers, offering a diverse array of trendy Men’s & Women Apparels, handbags, footwear, artificial jewelry, and casual wear. While prices may lean towards the higher side, the shopkeepers are open to bargaining, making Arjun Marg a fantastic alternative for those looking to stay within a budget without compromising on style.


What Sets Arjun Marg Apart:

Thrift shopping enthusiasts will find a haven here, with a selection that includes repaired tees, jeans, sleepwear, and more. For those seeking variety beyond the charm of Sarojini, Arjun Marg is a breath of fresh air. This place stands out for its meticulous repair work done by shopkeepers, ensuring that the defects are hardly noticeable.


Fashion and Beyond:

Need new shoes often? Arjun Marg is a paradise for sportswear enthusiasts as well. Offering affordable alternatives to popular brands, this market becomes a go-to spot for those looking to refresh their athletic wear collection. Additionally, fashion-forward individuals can explore a range of accessories, from chunky jhumkas and bracelets to rings, and bags, adding a touch of glamour to their ensemble.

Not just that amid the winter season, this market sells items from high-end brands like H&M, Superdry, Zara etc. These are actual pieces of the brands that are in surplus that usually end up in such markets. Wondering about the price range? You can find the best pieces between Rs 1500 to Rs 2500. Even basics start at Rs 650. If you are into leather boots, you will also find a wide range of options here. The price goes from anywhere between Rs 1200 to Rs 3-4000


Many customers residing in the vicinity often visit Arjun Marg market for a quick shopping experience. This place truly offers the best deals that would be hard to find in the whole of Gurgaon. One of the best Shopping Market in Gurugram.

Don’t forget to treat your taste buds to lip-smacking Chole Bhature, Momo, Samosa chaat available in the vicinity, turning your shopping spree into a holistic experience.

Explore Arjun Marg for a unique blend of affordability and style, offering a shopping experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Location: Arjun Marg, Block E, DLF Phase 1, Sector 26, Gurugram.