15 Best Holi Party Options in Gurgaon to Choose From For an All New Experience!


Holi, the colorful and lively festival of colors, is a time to groove to your favorite music and drool over good food and lots of love and laughter. We’re sure you’re bubbling with eagerness already, prepping every night with your friends and family to enjoy the biggest Holi celebration ever. However, don’t panic if you need help figuring out where to go this Holi! The trendiest Holi parties in Gurgaon are here to make your festival even more memorable. We are here with a list of the best Holi party events in Gurgaon 2024, specially researched to ensure a memorable Holi celebration. Get your mates together, and get ready to groove on your favorite songs and make this Holi experience worthwhile like never before!

• Sunburn Holi Weekend With Marshmello

Gurgaon is getting ready to host the Sunburn Holi Weekend with Marshmello, so be prepared to experience a spectacular Holi party unlike any other! Marshmello is all set with his unique headgear and chart-topping melodies to make your Holi remarkable in Gurgaon on March 23. This eagerly awaited event, which combines the thrilling energy of Holi with the throbbing sounds of renowned DJ Marshmello, is guaranteed to be nothing less than breathtaking. Get ready to be carried away into a world of pure bliss and dance the day away, surrounded by an array of vibrant colors and a blissful crowd. 

Where | Sunburn Holi Weekend Ft. Marshmello – Backyard Sports Club, Gurugram

When | 23rd March 2024

Timings | 4 PM Onwards

Price | Rs 999 Onwards

• Holi Haze 2.0- Backyard Sports Club, Gurugram

Holi Haze 2.0, planned at the Backyard Sports Club in Gurugram, promises to be a phenomenal event featuring a blend of lively colors, energetic music, and celebrity cameos. This concert guarantees non-stop grooving from the very first note, with Bismil lighting up the stage and Punjabi music resonating throughout. Enjoy unlimited beer, a fantastic feast, and quirky picture spots around the space. The biggest Holi celebration in Delhi NCR is almost approaching, so get your tickets now, prepare for the best possible Holi, and create some unforgettable memories.

When | 25th March 2024

Timings | 11 AM Onwards

Price | Rs 499 Onwards

• Holi Moly Fest at Surajgarh Farms

Surajgarh Farms is hosting Gurugram’s most exciting Holi extravaganza! Celebrate with them at Holi Moly, which promises to be a remarkable celebration of music, culture, and tradition. Experience a genuinely excellent Holi by immersing yourself in celebrating colors and music and indulging in delicious food. This festive season, get ready to make lifelong memories and enjoy the fun of your life. For an energetic party that will have you tapping your feet all day, don’t miss this must-attend Holi Bash in Gurgaon. Join them at Surajgarh Farms as they celebrate Holi elegantly and soak in the thrill!

When | 25th March 2024

Timings | 11 AM Onwards

Price | Rs 799 Onwards

• Holi Moly at Madhavgarh Farms

At Madhavgarh Farms, Gurgaon, get ready to celebrate Holi traditionally! With its unique blend of the festival’s vivid colors and the rural allure of India, this Holi celebration is sure to leave a lasting impression. Take part in the traditional Holi practices, including dancing to lively music beats and splattering colors with abandon, to immerse yourself fully in the festive mood. Savor delicious regional specialties made with genuine love and care, bringing a unique flavor to the celebrations. There are lots to enjoy, including camel rides, pottery-making, and bullock cart rides. Celebrate Holi like never before at Madhavgarh Farms, where fun, culture, and tradition unite to deliver precious memories.

Where | Tikri Village Gurgaon

When | 25th March 2024

Timings | 09:00 AM Onwards

• Rang A Rang 2024 at Kokina

Witness a dynamic experience where beats and colors collide in an exciting combination at Rang A Rang 2024 Kokina BYOB in Gurugram! Celebrate with the energetic DJ Ish and CHIRAG, who will perform electrifying tunes to light up the dance floor. Bring your beverages (BYOB) and enjoy your favorite drinks while you move to the tunes. Allow the beat to lead you through a memorable evening filled with joy and friendship. Rang A Rang delivers an incredible experience that will leave you wanting more, regardless of your level of partying experience. Get set to bring music and color to the town!

Where | ⁠Kokina BYOB, Gurugram 

When | 25th March 2024

Timings | 11:00 AM Onwards

Price | ?? Onwards

• HOLIBOOMEbowla, Gurugram 

Enjoy a variety of festivities at Gurgaon’s HOLIBOOM! Celebrate Holi with them at Club Ebowla, the biggest BYOB club in the nation, for a colorful, fully organic event. Savor the delight of an all-natural Holi celebration featuring a DJ lineup, rain dance, and flower shower. Amid throbbing music rhythms and vibrant organic colors, embrace Holi’s spirit in an environmentally conscious way. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind Holi experience by letting the music’s beat and the vibrant colors stimulate your senses. HOLIBOOM is the ultimate celebration of happiness, harmony, and sustainability—don’t miss it!

When | 25th March 2024

Timings | 10:30 AM Till 

Price | Rs 1179 Onwards

• Holi by Pool 2.0- Chopra Farms

Experience vibrant colors and celebrations at the much anticipated Holi by Pool 2.0, arranged by Chopra Farms & Resorts! Amidst a vibrant rain dance, prepare for a fantastic burst of excitement as you shift to the beats of the dhol. Entice your partner to join you on the dance floor as the delicious aromas of food and beverages fill the air. But what stands out? There, you can relax and plunge into the warm pool, which promises to revive your body and spirit. Bring your own booze to enhance the festivities and make priceless memories with friends and family. With Chopra Farms & Resorts’ stunning backdrop, Holi by the Pool 2.0 is more than simply an event—a symphony of happiness, laughter, and companionship.

When | 25th March 2024

Timings | 10:00 AM Onwards

Price | Rs 800/-Onwards

Rang Leela – Aravali Edition BYOB

Get ready for the most spectacular explosion of color and fun at Rang Leela – Aravali Edition BYOB in Gurgaon! Celebrate Holi in a style where you may become lost in the rainbow of colorful shades that define this wonderful time of year. It is a memorable event with throbbing music, exciting dance acts, delicious appetizers, and a lavish afternoon dinner. Together, let’s come beneath the warmth and humor of a Holi canopy to create memories that will last a lifetime and develop ties of friendship throughout the town. Take advantage of this chance to appreciate life and its vibrant magnificence!

Where | ⁠Goa Country Club By Pearl Gurugram 

When | 25th March 2024

Timings | 11:00 AM Onwards

Price | Rs 399/-Onwards

• Holi Fiesta- Solasta

Prepare for an energetic and thrilling Holi celebration at Holi Fiesta, hosted at Cafe Solasta Gurugram! Get ready to get carried away by the vibrant colors and happy ambiance as you participate in the Gulal celebrations. The party promises to be memorable, with a live DJ and Dhol setting the rhythm, a live band contributing to the ambiance, and themed decor boosting the atmosphere. Savor delicious a la carte options from a specially prepared festival menu. Additionally, get amazing photographs clicked at the photo booth or your professional photographs clicked by skilled photographers to document every vibrant moment. Celebrate Holi with them at this unforgettable event full of music, fun, and cherished memories!

Where | ⁠Gwal Pahari Road Gurugram 

When | 25th March 2024

Timings | noon Onwards

Price | Rs 1500/-Onwards

• Pre Holi Celebrations at Imperfecto Patio

Brace yourself for a vibrant burst of Holi colors since Imperfecto Holi is back with another version that will blow your mind! Experience the ultimate Holi party with lip-smacking food, thandai shots, a live DJ, a rain shower, pool vibes, and more! Nothing less than a Gulaal-fueled pool party complete with live music, a cool rain shower, and flowing thandai shots! Don’t miss Imperfecto’s magnificent celebration of color, music, and friendship—it will undoubtedly be an unforgettable event!

When | 17th March 2024

Timings | 11 AM Onwards

Price | Rs 499 Onwards

• Holi Rave – Lost Lemons Gurgaon

Be ready to be engaged in Holi Rave party at Lost lemons Gurugram! An incredible blend of EDM and desi music is lined up at this party, featuring a DJ blasting music that will have you moving all day. Prepare for a colorful party, rain dance, and more. Indulge in a delicious buffet lunch and refreshing thandai to keep the holiday spirit going. The real happiness is just a dance away, along with expert paparazzi recording your best dance moves. This event guarantees that you will have everything you need to make your Holi celebration even more memorable. It promises to be an unforgettable experience, so don’t miss the fun and togetherness at the Holi Rave – Lost Lemons Gurgaon!

When | 25th March 2024

Timings | 11 AM Onwards

Price | Rs 1,499 Onwards

Where | Imperfecto Holi – Pre-Holi Celebrations – Imperfecto Patio Sector 50 Gurgaon

• Holi by the Pool 2.0 at Chopra Farms Gurugram

At the Holi by the Pool 2.0 at Chopra Farms Gurugram, lose yourself in a world that is blazing with color and boundless enthusiasm! Celebrate Holi with different color plays, live musical performances, dancing competitions, pool side Holi celebrations, and delicious festive food. There’s plenty to keep everyone entertained, from thrilling adventure sports to educational cultural seminars. Are you looking to improve the experience? Experience a thrilling sky-high experience with unique hot air balloon rides and create unforgettable memories while flying above the festivities. Holi by the Pool 2.0 at Chopra Farms Gurugram promises to be a memorable event that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity, guaranteeing a day filled with unlimited happiness and precious memories.

Call them at 9711036277 / 9582744017

March 25 | 19AM to 5 PM

93HH+72C, Chopra Farms Sohna Road, road, Dhumaspur, Gurugram.