Home of Bihari Flavors now in Gurgaon. Try Authentic Bihari Cuisines at Magadh & Awadh!

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When it comes to food, Delhi NCR regions are a magician’s pot. Migrants to this historic city have introduced flavours and shades of numerous communities, whether in food, clothes, or culture. The city glows and grows with all the cultural diversity that makes it more unique every single moment!


How many true Bihari eateries can you name at your fingertips? It isn’t easy to find a restaurant serving authentic Bihari delicacies in Delhi. Here we are to help you with the same! To satisfy your appetites for regional food from this part of the nation, we’ve Magadh & Awadh in Gurgaon, which is known for its traditional bihari cuisine.

Magadh & Awadh is a trendy spot hidden in Gurgaon’s busy Rodeo Drive, Sector 49, and Palam Vihar that is highly recommended for people who wish to try the authentic and unique Bihari food alongside sports screenings, live music, free WiFi, and much more.


One must definitely try out their authentic Litti Chokha, Maans Kebab and Bhuna Maans which are some of the popular dishes on their menu.

They have been serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options of platters in their menu which will enhance your taste of the authentic litti and chokha. Are you also a hard-core non-vegetarian but don’t want to miss on the authentic tastes of Bihar food items, then you should definitely try out their famous non-vegetarian Bihari platter. The mutton or chicken is cooked in raw spiced and served with pipping hot littis dipped in ghee. 


Usually littis are served with chokha which is made with roasted and masghed fresh vegetables, with chutneys and chana dal on the side in the vegetarian menu. This famous Gurgaon-based restaurant Magadh and Awadh’s vegetarian menu includes roasted or fried littis, with some finger-licking chokha, ghughnee ( a dish made of black gram which is dry and delicious), and some tomato chutney on the side. While their non-vegetarian menu includes fried mutton chunks. Their litti platter is one of their most popular food items in their menu which includes litti chaat (crushed litti with spicy black gram gravy and some achaar on the side) alond with baati-boti (flour balls baked in charcoal without any fillings and are served with deep-fried mutton). 

If you’re in Gurgaon and wish for an experience of the authentic Bihari cuisine, this is the perfect location for a wonderful dining with family.  It’s time to relish your childhood memories in the most authentic way with Magadh and Awadh, Gurgaon. You can also order online via Zomato and enjoy their delicacies at home with the best company or visit their restaurant to enjoy their ambiance along with yummy food.

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Where | D 31/31A/32, Unitech Rodeo Drive, Arcadia 2, Sector 49, Gurgaon.
& Unit 7 And 8, C2, Block, Idea Cosmic Plaza, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon.