Give Your Home A Swanky Makeover With This Interior Design Studio In Gurgaon


Furnishing your home is one of the mind boggling tasks. Starting from picking the accurate furniture and placing them artfully to adding some elite touches to make the space look absolutely perfect. To spare you the horror, we’re here to tell you about a reliable interior design studio in Gurgaon that can do it all just like a hot knife through butter.


Nestled in DLF Phase 1, 7WD Space Design Studio flaunts an eye-catching office interior that says it all. It houses some of the best interior designers in Gurgaon to provide top-notch interior decoration, exterior decoration, interior architecture and loads of other whopping services. Apart from designing high-end houses and apartments, they are also pro at crafting luxurious designer furniture and customized furniture. And everything that they cater to is in sync with their in-house Vastu consultant. After matching the Kundli of the owner along with the property’s Vastu, they sort out the entrances, room directions and other nuances.

7WD Space Design Studio-Gurgaon

What makes 7WD Space Design Studio really stand out among a galaxy of interior design companies in Gurgaon is that they have a full-stack team to ensure you a 360-degree service. Right from day one and the scratch, the team builds inside out everything by themselves. From the furniture to the artefacts, all these elements in every single corner of your home are crafted by them and can be also customized as per your style and preference. Isn’t that ah-mazing, guys?

7WD Space Design Studio

To book an appointment with 7WD Space Design Studio, all you need to do is dial 9811300037/ 9999108309 or contact them via their official website. They are open from 10 am to 7 pm every day except Thursday!

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Where | 7WD Space Design Studio, Ground Floor, A Block, Platina Tower, MG Road. Gurugram.


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