AK Global Dent- One of The Best Dental Clinic in Gurgaon


It is said that the health of your mouth mirrors the condition of your body as a whole, yet Oral Healthcare is unfortunately one of the most ignored aspects of our personal upkeep. Moreover, visiting the Dentist is often relegated to the bottom of our priorities due to our own ignorance and due to our anxiety and apprehensions which have been built up by hearsay and our past experiences.

It is time to dispel the notions and change our approach towards Oral Health

AK GLOBAL DENT, located on Golf Course Road, Gurgaon, is one centre that will alter your entire experience and perception of visiting the Dentist. This one of a kind luxury Dental Center is changing the way Dentistry is practiced in our country and as its name suggests is true “Global” in both its quality standards and reach.

In a short span of time, they have established themselves as the most preferred Dental Centre for Gurgaon’s vibrant expat community as well as International dwellers residing in Delhi NCR, which form over 50% of their patient base. They are also an extremely popular centre for extensive Dental Treatment for patients from as far and wide as USA – Africa & the Middle East.

They have been recognized at the National Level bagging the award for being the “Best New Dental Practice” in India the Famdent Dental Oscars held annually in Mumbai. These accolades are a result of their uncompromising focus on Hygiene and an adherence to a Strict 6- Step


Sterilization Protocol which is what truly distinguishes them from other centers. To complement the world-class infrastructure and facilities their team of specialists headed by Dr. Ancy Koshy & Dr. Aneesh Katyal strives to offer their patients gentle, caring, and holistic dental care in arguably the most welcoming and hygienic environment possible.

They offer the entire spectrum of Dental services through their team of Specialists to give you the Winning Smile you deserve. From Invisible Braces, Dental Implants, Teeth Whitening, Cosmetic Crowns & Veneers, Gum Care to Root Canal Treatment and much more – they can do it all under one roof.

Smile Correction by natural means (Braces) is at the very heart of AK GLOBAL DENT, leading the Digital Revolution that will transform Orthodontics (Teeth Straightening) as we know it.

Getting braces isn’t boring Anymore!

Did you know that Braces can now be CLEAR – REMOVABLE & PAINLESS?

AK GLOBAL DENT is one of the premier providers of Invisalign, which is a 100% Digital, Customized and Invisible alternative to braces. This means that you can now get your Teeth Straightened without anyone noticing and without disrupting your routine. Moreover, there are no food restrictions with Invisalign.


What’s more? To take your experience of this new aged Dentistry to next level, they are organizing an Exclusive Invisalign Event on 8th, December 2018 which will offer you a chance to get a Free 3D Scan – Free Smile Correction Simulation and exclusive one-time rewards on your Invisalign Treatment.

Overall, AK Global Dent offers a unique experience that is affordable, interactive, and effective. Combining the right mix of personal care, cutting-edge technology, and continuing education, they maintain a commitment to their patients in every facet of their practice.

Always remember – A Healthy Smile Means A Healthy You! So, visit AK GLOBAL DENT today!


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