Get your bellies grooving at Bellyshala!


Are you someone who’s eager to learn those enchanting belly dancing moves, then Bellyshala is there for you!

Bellyshala is being run by Sakshi Malik who is a professional belly dancer, instructor and performer. She has studied the art of Raqs Sharqi (Belly Dance) for over 10 years now and has conducted workshops across India. She believes that this dance form is all about expressing rather than impressing.


Belly Dancing is creative, entertaining and expressive dance form that also happens to be a great body workout! It’s a great way to burn those calories and tone your core. It helps to rediscover the body’s natural movements while having fun and feeling good!


At Bellyshala, Sakshi makes you learn the dance form with a relaxed state of mind, all while having fun. She conducts regular dance classes for beginners as well as advanced batches for professionals. She believes that Belly dancing is not just restricted to a particular body type or gender, it is made for everyone.


She uses diverse music other than the traditional belly dancing music like Hip Hop, Bollywood and combinations that are quite a workout and make something new, eye satisfying and entertaining!

She has started with her online classes lately, so you can definitely learn those techniques at the comfort of your house and from any corner of the world! So, sign up right away!

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