Gurgaon is Choking: Here are the best Air Purifiers That You Can Buy Right Now!


Here Are The Best Air Purifiers in Delhi-NCR! Air Pollution level in Delhi-NCR Is a Health Hazard. You can not fix the outdoor air quality but you can control the indoor air quality by using air purifiers. You must put on masks when stepping out. Before buying an air purifier, you should consider a few things like room size, cleaned air delivery rate (CADR), Clean air changes per hour (ACH) and there is a different type of filters in the purifier among other things. The CADR must ideally be two-thirds of your room size. Suppose your room size is 300-350 sq. ft. you should go ahead with 200-250 cubic metres an hour (m3/h).



1. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2: Price INR 8,999

Mi Air Purifier 2 is a portable room air purifier and It cleans 400 square feet in just 10 minutes. It has EPA triple-layer filter and removes harmful PM2.5. Real-time AQI monitoring Mi Home app, smart remote controls 400 sq. ft. coverage, 360° triple-layer filter. It has real-time AQI monitoring and can also be controlled using the Mi Home app.


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2. Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD: Price INR 9,000

This air purifier from Panasonic is working on Nanoe technology. Which enhances the air quality of the indoor area by filtering out harmful particles from the air including PM2.5. It also helps to keep your skin hydrated by reducing odour. This air purifier has a CADR Of 215 sqft.


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3. Philips 1000 Series: Price INR. 8,799

Philips Air purifiers Superior Purification that can be applied to the max 63m2 room. You can check real-time air quality feedback. This air purifier has Intelligent purification with AeraSense. Advanced NanoProtect Filter delivers all-around protection. Special AL auto mode is more effective for allergen removal. Visualized air quality feedback and 4 colour AQI light. Ultra silent under sleep mode with the only 33db noise level.


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4. Havells AP22: Price INR. 11,700

Havells AP22 Air purifier is best in class with CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) Higher CADR of 200m3/Per Hour. It filters more than 99.9% also advance HEPA filter removes dangerous particulate matters like PM 2.5. AP22 also prevents you from viruses, bacteria, Mold Spores and Pollen.


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5. BlueAir Sense + : Rs 39,999

Blue Air is world’s leading air purifier brand, it captures which filters 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.1 microns in size and is capable of change air 5 times in one hour. Also, It has been designed for a room of up to 200sq ft. It has motion sensors and is Wifi enabled for controlling it through the mobile app.


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