The Best Street Food in Kolkata You Must Try!


Even though you might have been in the most famous cities from across the world, We bet you have not felt that warmth in people which Kolkata is so famous for. True the roads are all cobbled here, traffic is madness and the heat off charts, but amidst all this and the sultry environment, Kolkata presents one with many gems and bag full of memories.

Though Bengalis are the majority of the population here, they are not the only inhabitants. Kolkata is a cultural melting pot! While you have the Chinese and the Anglo Indians living in one part of the city, the other part is inhabited by the Marwaris, the Anglos and Jews to have established their small but respective places here.

Thus there is no dearth of festivity in this part of the world. Of course, the different celebrations call for different food! “Living to eat” is not the motto of Bengalis alone, it is the watchword of the Kolkatans!

So once you step in the city, apart from being welcomed by the sultry and humid weather conditions you are likely to be sized by a tremendously huge appetite! You need to fill that with the delicacies here. So here is a list of the things that you need to try out without fail when you come by.

• Puchkas

You might have had a lot of Golgappa and Panipuris from Delhi and Mumbai, but do not confuse Puchkas with those! Though they are of those species, Kolkata Phuchkas are drool-worthy. This best and must try street food apart from papri chaat and jhaal muri. Once done with Phuchka, try out its cousin, churmur, another chaat specialty made up of mashed potatoes, different masala, tangy tamarind water and crumbs of broken phuchka for the punch.


• Kathi Rolls

Don’t be under the impression that Kathi roll was discovered in Lucknow or Delhi, it was here that this delicious cuisine was born.  A lost gem named Zaika was the founder of this amazing food. Of course, now a lot of shop makes this with interesting twists and variations the authentic one was discovered by Zaika.


• Rosogollas

These syrupy babies are famous all over the world, but it’s not fun having the one packaged in tin cans. Once in Kolkata make it a point to try out hot Rosogollas right out of the oven. This sweet dish is soft and melts in the mouth easily.


• Ghoogni Chaat

If you have tasted Ragda in Mumbai, you can perhaps guess what We’re talking about here. Ghugni is a typical street food found widely in Kolkata, a love affair for people who love hot spicy food. Ghugni is made out of boiled chickpeas tossed and garnished with sliced onion, coriander, chillis, tomatoes, and tamarind pulp!


• Keema Dahi Vada

We’re sure you have heard about Keema balls, and also dahi vada, but have you heard about this mix of the two? Keema Dahi vada is a dish which is made of keema balls dipped in sweet curd crowned by red chili powder, cumin, black mustard, and fenugreek!


Kolkata has lot many of these hidden delicacies, do discover them when you come to the City of Joy the next time!




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