8 Things You’ll Experience If You Have A Bihari Roommate In Gurgaon


Be it a new job in hand or, the joy of getting through to your favourite college, living in Gurgaon can be fun and easy as it is a very well planned city. The place has high-quality infrastructure, roadways, shopping malls, hospitals, reputed educational institutes and high profile organizations that provide jobs that pay you well. If single you can take a single room for rent in Gurgaon and share it with a roommate.

If you land up getting a Bihari roommate, life can be even more fun. Here are 8 things that you will experience:

  • Your day might become lively with some Bhojpuri music playing in your room, courtesy your Bihari roommate.


  • If you take a flat for rent in Gurgaon and share it with a Bihari, chances are the flat walls may get decorated with life-size posters of the famous Bhojpuri actor Ravi Kishan. Beware!!! Criticisms about this favourite actor may not be taken well by the passionate Bihari.


  • The Bihari language has an inbuilt sense of humour. The word ‘Aap’ addresses a single person, while the word ‘hum’ can address a single as well as multiple persons. For example, your Bihari roommate would address the landlord of your apartment for rent in Gurgaon as ‘app’ and address himself and both of you as ‘hum’. Thus, he may say ‘Aap flat paint karwa dijiye’ to your landlord and then say ‘ Hum jaldi shift hona chahte hai’ meaning either he himself or, both of you wish to shift soon. You are free to interpret your own way.


  • Initially, you may feel relieved when he makes litti chokha for dinner. Gradually, when this becomes your staple diet, you make go for a break away from home.


  • You may end up standing in a corner of the flat on Chhatth Puja when his relatives from nowhere gather up to celebrate with him.
  • Bihar produces numerous IITians, so it may not be surprising if your roommate is an ex-IITian.
  • Biharis have a fetish for prestigious Government jobs and most the young aspire to become an IAS officer. Your roommate may not be different. You may need to wipe his tears and rebuild his confidence if he fails the IAS exam and decides to appear again.
  • On a weekend your Bihari roommate may convince you to watch a Bhojpuri movie with him instead of blockbuster Hindi movie.


In an unknown city, or, even if it is known, finding a place to stay can be taxing. Numerous calls from brokers, unnecessary disturbance to attend calls from unknown numbers can really be daunting. NestAway can relieve you of all the pain. So, be it a shared accommodation, a private space, a whole apartment, you just pour out whatever is on your mind and leave it on them to find out for you. Whether you are single or, wish to stay as a couple, whether you are dark or, fair, you would not get discriminated anywhere.


Written by Shanaya Mehta for We Are Gurgaon.


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