Immerse yourself in South Indian delicacies with Chattynadu


We all know that Delhi is famous for its delectable street food and hearty North Indian cuisines. However, there are excellent South Indian eateries as well here, that will make you forget about every other delicacy that the Capital has to offer.

Chattynadu, a fine-dining restaurant specialising in coastal food, has made a name for itself by offering traditional, home-style cuisine from the Southern Coastal region. The restaurant serves conventional home-style meals from the historically, culturally, and gastronomically rich States, i.e., Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.


Speaking of South Indian cuisine, it’s impossible to ignore that the Onam celebration is just around the corner. During Onam week, Keralites participate in various celebrations, including boat races and lavish feasts. While boat racing may not be an option in Delhi, you can still reward your taste buds with a delectable Kerala-inspired meal at Chattynadu which will be offering guests mouth-watering Onam Sadhya on this occasion.


To make your decision to try this scrumptious meal at Chattynadu this Onam more resolute, we’re sharing with you the the top 5 Onam Sadhya dishes from the restaurant that you shouldn’t be missing out:


This is a delicious dish made with potatoes, carrots, drumsticks, raw bananas, beans, and a tiny bit of raw mango. Avial is a traditional South Indian meal served on a bed of Kerala rice which one must have at least once in a lifetime!


Rasam, with its thin consistency and loads of pepper and tomatoes, pairs excellently with any South Indian meal. Rasam can be consumed as a soup or with steamed rice. It contains toor daal, plenty of pepper and tomatoes. Try it out, and you’ll know why it is so irresistible.


One delightful dessert you must have in order to complete your Onam Sadhya dinner is Payasam. In a typical Onam Sadhya, there are four different types of payasam; we advise you to choose the one based on your instinct as they are all equally delectable.

Pachadi is a flavorful and refreshing combination of coconut, pineapple, and curd with hot spices and chilies. For a fulfilling supper, try it with rice or roti.

Ulli Theeyal
This is an exquisite dish from Kerala prepared with shallots or tiny onions fried in roasted coconut sauce. Onam Sadhya is the perfect time for everyone to try out Ulli Theeyal as it is tangy, spicy and bursting with refreshing flavours, which are a treat to your taste buds.

Another exciting part about visiting Chattynadu in September is that they are offering special Onam Sadhya Thalis to guests between September 2nd to 9th. Their signature Onam Sadhya Thali that includes 25 dishes will be served on a banana leaf this year, so book your tables right now and thank us later for this deliciously refreshing experience!

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Where: FF 8 & 9, ROF Portico, Vyapar Kendra Rd, Block C, Sushant Lok Phase I, Gurugram, Haryana
Timings: 9 AM to 10:30 PM


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