These Handmade Pots are All Your Home Requires!


Growing your own plants and decorating your home with beautiful plants can be a fun and exciting leisure activity! We all have an urge to beautify our living spaces and even our workspaces to make it more loveable and full of positivity. Planters at D Kreativ can help you fulfil your needs and make your house look even prettier!


Manisha, the founder of D Kreativ, turned her passion into a full-time profession by initiating the venture. Her keen interest in nature and greenery made her believe in herself and thought of quitting her job and starting her own venture.!

D Kreativ has a beautiful collection of pots and planters that’ll make you fall in love with them. With a focus on sustainability, their products are crafted with thoughtfulness. They let you plant your dreams with green and positive energy. Bringing a sense of mindfulness, it helps you connect with nature at your home!


Alongside Rabbits, elephants, duck and tortoise, they have planters and pots in all colors and sizes. They also have air-purifying plants that help clean the air in your home and beautifies the space immediately.

Also, how great it would be to gift these cute planters to your loved ones on special occasions!  Reach out to them to enhance the beauty of your loved ones and your house!

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