Gurgaon Get Ready for UNVEILING of Dlf Cyber Hub 2.0 | DLF Goes ‘Phygital’


Gurgaon Get Ready for UNVEILING of Dlf Cyber Hub 2.0

Cyber Hub is taking it to the next level, Get ready for the 2.0!  Cyber Hub is getting a Fabulous Makeover and We’re Excited – Unveiling of Dlf Cyber Hub 2.0.


Cyber Hub Gurgaon is all set to revamp itself into to a ‘phygital’ experience or a combination of physical and artificial intelligence guided digital exposure. Cyber Hub is kickstarting this experience with the relaunch of Cyber Hub as Cyber Hub 2.0.

The phygital experience will be launched on 7th September an artificial intelligence based application which would help in navigating through the physical space while adding to the ‘discoverability’ of brands and experiences present. Cyber Hub has 80 retailers. Cyber Hub 2.0 will see an addition of 14 more brands. According to DLF, Cyber Hub experiences a footfall of 40,000 each day and is based on a catchment of 3 lakh people engaged in the offices in the adjacent Cyber City.

“We are introducing a digital application and a virtual concierge service so a visitor to Cyber Hub 2.0 can converse on a chatroom on your smartphone and seek all information before even heading for Cyber Hub 2.0. The chat will enhance the discoverability of the brands and experiences leading to the further immersion of visitors. Depending on your questions, your future visits and experiences will be curated. We are paving the way for the future of organized retail and this is a start. Once this is successful the same will be replicated in our other outlets,” Harsh Vardhan Chauhan, Central Head of Marketing – DLF Shopping Malls, said.

“With the relaunch of Cyber Hub 2.0, we are aiming to reach out to more than five million consumers over next three months. We also anticipate a revenue growth of more than 20% over the campaign period. Brands like iHop, Bombakery, Mamagoto, United Coffee House, Pra Pra Prank, Too Indian, Drunken Botanist, Papparoti, Potbelly and Oh So Stoned are now going to be a part of our brand ensemble,” Pushpa Bector, Executive VP And Head, DLF Premium Malls Division.

“The trends in retail are changing fast. Brands themselves are going through an evolution. Our retail experiences are being modified to match changing trends,” Sriram Khattar, MD, DLF Rental Business.

The launch of Cyber Hub 2.0 is slated Thursday 7th September 2017.


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