Electric buses on Gurgaon roads soon! In Attempt To Go Green


Electric buses on Gurgaon roads soon! 75 to 100 electric buses are to be introduced in Gurgaon in the first phase of the Haryana Government’s plan for an environment-friendly transportation system.

The Haryana Urban Development and Housing minister announced the introduction of electric buses in Gurgaon after her return from JBM Solaris Electric Vehicles Ltd in Poland. Electric buses will be an economical and eco-friendly option, which will gradually phase out the existing diesel buses. The buses are also known to be noise-free.

“The initiative is a welcome one. But does Haryana have sufficient electricity? I hope this does not affect the inter-state tourist and luxury buses that ply through Haryana, as this will severely impact the tourism sector,” said Sudhir Sachdeva, founder and managing director of Holidays To Treasure, a travel and tourism firm.

In its initial phase, the buses will ply only in Gurgaon. Eventually, they will run across India.

“The introduction of electric buses will help mitigate the alarming pollution levels in the city,” said Varun Aggarwal, who works at an MNC. “However, the government should ensure the installation of adequate infrastructure for recharging and parking of these buses, along with ensuring wide and well-carpeted roads. Else, it may lead to traffic disruption.”


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  1. Need many buses start from Kapasera Dundahera border to Manesar direct