Slurp Up Refreshing Bubble Tea At This Unique Tea Café In Gurgaon


Hola, all you tea lovers in town! If Gurgaon’s scorching heat makes you gulp down refreshing cold beverages full tilt, how about some chilled bubble tea? I mean, why settle for boring beverages when bubble tea is the talk of the town. We’re gonna give you all the deets about a place that’s become G-town’s best bubble tea outlet.

TBH, Got Tea is worth all the hype as they’re serving delicious flavours that are not only unique but also highly customisable as per your liking.

This cutesy tea place in Gurgaon has recently flung its doors open in Sector 15 after receiving a huge response from the Delhi Safdarjung outlet. And the best part is that these humble guys are churning out an extensive range of bubble tea for every palate. We are totally obsessed with such a mind-boggling variety and we’re sure you’re gonna love them too. The chewing and slurping might take some getting-used-to, but Gurgaon can finally experience the global hype around boba! They have a wide range of beverages from aromatic milk-based teas, to seasonal fruity ades, and also around five kinds of coffees. OMG, don’t get us started on their Croffles. Croffles (Croissant + Waffles) go really well with the bubble teas, so you should definitely get one while you’re there.

In case you haven’t been on the prowl for this refreshing drink yet, let us broadcast. Bubble tea is basically a popular Taiwanese drink that infuses tea with tapioca pearls and some unique flavours. At Got Tea you can choose from milk, soda and water-based options. You can choose your topping (and you can even order it without any) and you’re good to go! They have the OG tapioca pearls AKA boba, coffee jelly, and aloe jelly. They make all their drinks fresh and serve them in a can, the size of which, again, is customisable!

Got Tea, the new kid on the block, has already become one of the first-rate tea cafes in Gurgaon. So, guys, just land over and slurp on! And, don’t forget to bring loads of them back home for your binge-watching sesh.

Timings | 12 noon to 9 pm

Call them at 01141133980

Follow them on Instagram

Where | H-GF1, Ground Floor, 32nd Avenue, Sector 15, Gurugram.


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