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We all have heard that this is an age where knowledge is everywhere yet nowhere. With the ease of searching for anything you want with a tap of a button, it’s hard to get kids to settle down and pay attention. It’s time that something is done to make education more accessible again, by taking vital measures with keeping in mind the safety of young ones at school.


Today, as schools and institutions have reopened after facing the dreadful pandemic, as much relief as it is for children to study and play freely, it is indeed a matter of concern for parents and teachers to provide them with a constructive and favorable environment to function and learn as necessary. It is found that the timeframe involved in the development of skills and learning ability for each pupil is unique and may vary. Here, dedicated junior schools for little ones come into the picture with a multitude of benefits as laying a strong foundation and providing the groundwork for a child’s intellectual, social, or physical development is more important than ever.


Here, while doing our research to enhance our understanding of what fits the younger children most, we came across Heritage International Xperiential school in Gurugram. Spread over 2.5 acres, the campus is a dedicated junior campus with classes from nursery to Grade 4.

But why are dedicated junior schools even important today? Well, such schools can prove to be great for an intimate learning environment for little ones. Take a look at some less known benefits of dedicated schools for young students in India.

• Tailored Curriculum
Teachers at higher schools need to create a generic curriculum that caters to the demands of a diverse array of kids. This has been proved to be problematic, though, as some kids may find the standardized curriculum to be too quick or too slow. Smaller class sizes allow teachers to devote more time to satisfy the criteria of each student and tailor the curriculum so that each learner progresses at a pace that is convenient for them and corresponds with their preferred learning style. The pace of the class won’t make the students feel constrained or behind. Isn’t it?

• Increased Knowledge and Enhanced Conduct

Today, the first level of obligatory education is elementary school. In many countries around the world, primary education often refers to the first six or seven years of formal education. The importance of dedicated junior school can’t be emphasized enough as children interacting with one another is another form of self-training. It gives children a sense of rightness. Along with this, dedicated schools teach kids dispute resolution skills and support their emotional and social growth without being hindered, influenced, or bullied by elder students at any time.

• Improved Oral Language Abilities

Your oral language skills are directly impacted by your basic schooling. And it is found that between the ages of 3 and 5, a child’s oral language skills develop. Therefore, learning in an engaging environment where most of the kids and people around you speak the same language and words will certainly improve your child’s reading and speaking skills with time.

• Enhances Mental Acuity and Concentration

Dedicated junior school education’s goal is to benefit a child on several levels. Critical thinking skills, aspirational goals, and overcoming the hurdles presented by technological advancements are all taught to students. Schools must create safe, secure places where supervised learning can take place in order to meet these goals. Children who receive individualized attention and engage in a variety of activities have better cognitive abilities and concentration.

• Self-directed students

It’s not only about grades; when kids start school, it’s typically the first time someone besides their parents is watching over their behavior. Children learn to connect with their classmates in the classroom when their parents are not present because school was the first institution to foster social interactions. Children learn assurance in the safe environment of primary school, which helps them feel competent. A child’s development is greatly improv

ed by growing up in a setting that promotes growth and independence.

Good education and a favorable environment claim to be inevitable factors in any child’s growth, learning pace, and even adulthood. A dedicated junior school can help your little one enjoy this beautiful journey in the best way possible. Take a step ahead, today and now.

Disclaimer: Article inputs taken from http://bweducation.businessworld.in/article/Why-Dedicated-Junior-Campuses-Enable-Better-Learning-For-Our-Young-Ones-/18-01-2021-366654/

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