Gurugram’s Hilsas Serve Emotions and Not Dishes


Fish Curry is a dish but ‘Maacher Jhol’ is an emotion!!! Yes it is,Bengalisshare Siamese twin relationship with their homegrown cuisine. And those who are carrying the soul of Bengal to Gurugram, now get rid of that missing-home situation. Gurugram’s Hilsas have set the table for dishes which has been a part of every Bengali Childhood. For the uninitiated, you will not regret the sampling. And if it does not woo you, North Indian Cuisine is served as well.


The taste tale begins with the Queen herself, the Hilsa Specialty. It is not every day we get to eat 6-8 varieties of Hilsas but this place begs to differ. A ravishing range of Hilsa Preparations include Ilish Sorse cooked in Mustard Gravy, Ilish Paturi marinated wrapped in Banana Leaf, Steamed Hilsa and the one cooked with Potato and Eggplant carries whiff of home. They serve Borishali Ilish with mustard and poppy seeds flavored with coconut. The ‘opar-Bangla’ crowd from Bangladesh, you’ve found your love here.


Hilsas platforms most of the Bengali household staples. Try Chingri Malaikari, an eternal Bengali Classic. The MuriGhonto, made with fish head, rice and potatoes is surely unique in this part of the country.


The Bengalis believe ‘bhat-mangsho’ on a Sunday afternoon is a festival itself and to relive the ritual, Hilsas makes likes of Gondhoraj Chicken with flavor lemon, Chittagong Masala Murgi cooked in cashew paste, Dhakai Mangsho and the forever love of Bengal, Kochi PatharJhol (runny goat meat curry with Bengali Spices.) This is a Vegetarian Paradise, order for the legendary Shukto (mixed vegetables) or Echorer Dalna (Jackfruit curry) or even the comforting Aloo Posto cooked in poppy seed paste. Slurp your plate with Tomato Khejur AamSotto Chutney, encapsulating nostalgia.


If you are in the mood for North Indian dishes, simply settle down with luscious Kadai Chicken and Tawa Roti and you are as hearty. They serve breakfasts too, time for those piping hot Luchi and RadhaBallavi. Well, the Bengalis (Non-Bengalis too) have gathered reasons to celebrate!!! Home Delivery is available.

Timings | 12noon – 10pm

Contact No. 8383999576 / 01244141136


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