How to Find Verified Car Transportation Service Provider in Gurgaon


Are you searching for an experienced car transportation service in Gurgaon?

We know shifting household items or transporting a car to a new city is an exhausting task. The stress of the relocation can bring critical health issues along with unforeseen expenses or damages. For these reasons, you must look for experienced packers and movers who can help eliminate the unnecessary stress of relocation by taking full responsibility for your move from start to end.

You must look for a car transporter who not only fulfills your requirement, but also provides top-quality professional services at standard, affordable cost. 

However, finding genuine, experienced car transportation services in Gurgaon is one of the most challenging tasks, yet extremely important to make your relocation undemanding & stress-free.

There are 2 popular ways to find car transport companies near you:

1. Ask your close acquaintances for references.

2. Use Google or any other search engine.

The first method may not always yield results (works only if they had hired any transporter previously).

As for the second method, a simple search for “car transportation service providers in Gurgaon” on Google or any other search engine can yield millions of websites & search results.

But, how can you be sure they are genuine? And, which one can you rely on?

Read on to know how you can verify packers movers details like a Pro, and hire the most suitable one, by yourself. Also, check out the most effective way to get an accurate cost estimate for transporting the car from Gurgaon to your desired destination city.

Note: a lesser-known third method to find certified moving companies in your city is by taking references from a well-known & trustworthy online packer mover directory like AssureShift. You can get top-quality relocation & logistics services at easily affordable rates. Visit their portal (Assure Shift) and find your best-matched mover as per your budget and shifting needs.

Steps to Hire Genuine Car Transportation Services in Gurgaon


#1 Shortlist suitable car movers near you

After searching for “car transportation service near me,” you can note the top 10 results from the search result page. Keeping only the top 10 will help you strike out low-ranked movers.

Don’t randomly select any of them before finalizing the movers.

  1. Look for essential information like years of experience, offered services, contact details, address, etc.,
  2. Ensure they have an authentic website, and 
  3. Check if their company profile is up to the mark.

#2 Verify official documents

Professional car transporters, and packers and movers in Gurgaon should have legal registration paperwork, and they must be authorized by the Govt. of India. 

Validate moving companies documents like GSTIN registration details, company registration details, movers license, and owner’s id proof like PAN card, Adhar card, etc.

#3 Go through the company’s ratings and reviews

Check the ratings and reviews of the moving company to know their performance history and the quality of car transportation services in Gurgaon. You can find genuine reviews on sites like Mouthshut, AssureShift, Mymovingreviews, Google my business, Glassdoor, etc. 

(Pro tip: Visit the packers movers office location personally to check if they have a professional office set up and polite staff behavior.)

#4 Ask for charges estimate

After checking all those details, shortlist the companies depending on their rating, reviews, paperwork, etc.; call the top 3-4 movers shortlisted and ask for a quotation. Either they will give you an estimate on call, depending on the items you want to move, or visit your home, check everything, and provide an accurate price estimate. 

Car transportation services in Gurgaon can ask you some basic questions like car type, size, car’s age, moving distance, if any scratches are already there, etc. So ensure you are ready with all the information and vehicle documents as needed.

#5 Compare and hire

Once you get the quotation from all three or four packers and movers, compare their charges and identify the best company fulfilling your requirements and budget. After finding the cheapest one, call them and fix a pickup and delivery date for your car. 

(Pro tip: While choosing packers and movers from available options, don’t go for only the cheapest one. Keep your eye on the transportation charges in India, which will help you find if any suspicious rates are added to your invoice. Also, check whether the mover is providing insurance for your items.)

Pre Move Survey to Get Charges Estimate for Car Transportation


After requesting a cost estimate, the car transportation company sends an expert individual or a team to your location to conduct a pre-move survey. They note all your shifting requirements, whether you want them to pick up from your area, fully covered car carrier truck, insurance coverage, etc. 

They also inspect your car and note down details like the number of kilometers driven, available fuel, tire pressure, scratches or dents on the car, etc. Also, they mention the parts that need to be dismantled and the number of packing materials required. 

Depending on your requirements, the distance of the move, amount of packing materials, etc., they will give you a cost estimate. 

Costs Included In Car Transportation Cost Quotes

Labor costs

The car transportation process involves a lot of physical tasks like dismantling parts, packing your car, strapping onto ramps, unloading from carriers, reassembling the parts, etc. Almost 15% of your car transportation charges estimation is the labor cost.

Packaging material cost

A car transportation company in Gurgaon charges around 20% of the total billing amount as packaging charges. This charge depends on the quality and quantity of packing materials required. If you are going to transport an SUV or any seven-seater car, your packaging cost will be higher, as it needs more packing materials. 

Transportation Charges

The transportation charges spread most part approximately 65% of the shifting costs. It depends on the type of carrier you choose (open/close), relocation distance, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Transportation Service in Gurgaon

1. What is the cost of car transportation services in Gurgaon?

There are no specific charges for car shifting in Gurgaon as it depends on many factors like the distance of moving, car size, quality and quantity of packing materials, etc. 

Car Type

10km To 500km

500km To 1500km

Small Car

Rs.7K – 11K

Rs. 10.5K – 15K

Mini Car

Rs. 9K – 12K

Rs. 10.5K – 18K


Rs. 10K – 17K

Rs. 13.5K – 25.5K

2. What does car transport insurance cover?

The car transport insurance covers the damage that occurs while loading, transit, and unloading. If your car get any scratches or dent in transport insurance won’t cover that.

3. How can I book an affordable car transport service in Gurgaon?

You can visit any well-known movers directory like AssureShift. Checking the reviews and ratings you can hire or you can tell them your requirement and budget. They will suggest 3 best match car shifting companies in Gurgaon as per your budget.

4. How long will it take for a car shifting company to transport my car?

It mainly depends on the distance of your move, but a professional company takes standard time from 2 days to up to a week. 


The demand for relocation and goods transport services in India is growing rapidly, thanks to the ever-growing population and opportunities in the country. 

However, this growth in moving demands has enhanced the opportunity for fraud moving companies to emerge in the market. So, even though you carry out thorough research, there is still a chance that you may fall into the trap of fraud packers and movers who will end up delivering much lesser than they promise. 

If you are going for car transportation services in Gurgaon, make sure you do full research & get the essential information on car shifting charges in India, what to prepare before handing your car over to the movers, how to ensure the car is in good condition for travel, and so on. This step will help you get an idea of the car transport rates and help you know what exactly you must and must not do when shifting your car with professionals. Further, you can also bargain for a good deal on your car transport prices by negotiating smartly with the moving company.

Thus, take the help of a trusted referral portal like AssureShift for assured speedy & secure transport of your cargo to your desired destination.

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