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Weaving futures one stitch at a time

Literacy India (www.literacyindia.org)  mother lode of Indha, was founded in 1996 as a non-profit organization with the objective of educating women and children from underprivileged backgrounds. The aim is to equip them with basic education and skill-based learning. Through this Literacy India seeks to identify, nurture and develop their latent talent to create communities of self-reliant individuals.



The Organization

Indha is an independent social enterprise with the objective to build livelihoods for women from rural India. It was launched by Literacy India with a value system of Education, Employe-enablement, environment and more as a spinoff of Project “Karigari,” a programme through which the organization trained over 10,000 women who ultimately became competent artisans. 


The Brand

Indha has come to be known as the one stop place for traditional handicrafts that are handmade and heart made.


The Producers

Indha’s backbone is their women artisans. Each Indha creation brings with it the artisan’s personal touch making the product unique and exclusive. By buying an Indha product you are not only taking home something special, you are also supporting the future of many women who dare to dream.


Product History

All Indha products are made with locally sourced, eco-friendly and recycled materials. Jute, silk, cotton, recycled paper, etc. are staples in Indha’s product portfolio. Being locally sourced and culturally significant, every Indha piece has a story to tell since 2004 of the materials used in its creation are unique, artistic and have customized solution. Yet Indha provide one stop gifting solution for the companies which are green and sustainable. Companies like Orange, Dell, Kuoni, Dnata,Thomas, Canon,Cadescence ,Amex, Inweave,Shirisa,CITTA-UAE, Ethical only-Dubai and many worked with us for B2B.Check out the INDHA- Shop to know more about our quality and our handmade craft producers.


Why Indha – Fair trade Shop

For many people, handmade and craft material in India is beautiful and charming. And who would not appreciate the beauty of hand-crafted items that are made with so much love and warmth? To be able to shop for these items when you travel to India or its nearby area is a luxury and it’s a bliss when you can have it all at your doorstep, isn’t it?  There are many reasons why it is such an amazing experience and one of them would be that these things will give you memories to cherish for the rest of your life and they are so valuable beyond just their initial cost, because they give off a certain vibe that cannot be found elsewhere.

How You Can Create Change

Shop mindfully – Think before you buy

✓ Do you really want to support this business?

✓ Are we supporting something that benefits our communities?

✓ Are the products made through fair trade?

✓ Does this product’s sale help a marginalized community?

✓ Are we choosing sustainable, eco-friendly, recycled or upcycled products?

Become an advocate

✓ Associate with a cause close to your heart

✓ Become an ambassador and advocate it with friends and family

✓ Exhibit support at your workplace

Recycle and reuse

✓ Buy products made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

You can shop to make a difference and take-home joy  https://indha.in/ 

Indha Shop

16 Sushant Tower,

Sec 56, Gurgaon -122011

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Thank you for choosing Indha ! Each item is completely handmade by our women artisans. When you buy an Indha product you are guaranteeing a future for not just our women, but also their families. All products are made from eco-friendly, sustainable materials.Paper to Fabric , Shop and take home joy!

 Be a part of the change.


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