Inside Coca-Cola India’s massive new office in Gurgaon


Coca-Cola recently opened their new massive office in Gurgaon, So when we heard about Coca-Cola India had a new office, Our team dropped by Truth be told, we were expecting a gorgeous new space, but what we saw completely blew our minds away.

Every space tells a story – it tells you about the people who inhabit it – their values, their culture, their traditions and most importantly, what they stand for. The Coca-Cola India office in Gurgaon is a clear embodiment of this philosophy. This strikes you as soon as you step off the elevator and stays with you all the way as you walk through the bright red doors. The tenets which the organisation stands for is clearly enunciated by their value wall at the reception area and reflections of it is found across the entire office in the form of quotes, wall art and graphics.

Without further ado, let’s take you on a tour of Coca-Cola’s brand new India office. Shall we?

Look at that entrance!




Coca Cola’s heritage


Working here would feel like being part of history.


For times when you want to let your hair down


Red and white dominate the office space


Working becomes easier it a view like this


Images Source – Coca-Cola

Where: 3rd Floor, Orchid Centre, Golf Course Road, Sector 53, Haryana 122003


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