No More Traffic Woes! Gurgaon Gets India’s First Intelligent Traffic System


Gurgaon commuters have often faced harrowing times due to heavy traffic jams. This new India’s first intelligent traffic system will solve all the traffic related problems. Now say goodbye to heavy traffic jams in Gurgaon!

Gurugram gets India’s first “Intelligent Traffic System” to battle heavy traffic jams.

In the first phase, smart traffic signals have been installed in Kanhai Chowk, Sector 30/31 dividing road, Sector 31/45 traffic light, and Bakhtawar Chowk to ease the heavy traffic jams.

Gurgaon travellers have often experienced terrifying times due to heavy traffic jams. This new intelligent traffic system looks to address all these problems.

What it is?

Smart Intelligent System is an advanced application which, without embodying intelligence as such, provide innovative services relating to different modes of transport and traffic.


In Smart Intelligent Traffic, automatic and real-time management mechanisms systems are used to show traffic signals. In this system, the density of traffic jams and demand dictate the system.

The signals can automatically detect the vehicles and are interconnected with each other through optical fibres. If there is heavy traffic, the signals will remain green for a longer time. Countries like Russia and Japan are already using this technique.

Japanese company Kyosan India Pvt. Ltd. will run this project in Gurugram. One traffic controller can interact with the other system. This new system will save a lot of them and fuel. Soon this system will be applied on Golf Course Road.





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