Master The Art of Creating Kickass Music at Kamp1 Gurgaon


Ever wondered How NOISE becomes SOUND when it is channeled properly and then this Sound when combined with a human creative outlet, becomes Music. If you are a Music geek, looking out to create some impactful Music, You must absolutely check out Kamp1 Music school in Gurgaon.


Kamp1 is a Modern music school and co-learn, co-create kind of space for anyone associated with the art of music. They have Courses for musicians, producers, singers, songwriters, artists or basically just anything related to music. They provide the most customized and personalized education in music with complete emphasis on creative freedom and expression. Indeed, not being bound to creative restrictions is the most liberating feeling for an artist. Isn’t it?


They also have their own homegrown styles of teaching which helps every musician to find their own sound and rhythm. Apart from teaching they also focus on building a community of like-minded musicians to lift each other up. Kamp1 has the vision of being the HUB for all things Music and is set to become the best music school ever. Aren’t we impressed with this Gen-Next Music school already?


This school for Electronic Music Producers, Instrumentalists and Vocalists is soon setting records to be the top music school in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. Also, did we tell you they have faculties from institutions as famous as the Berklee College of Music? How cool is that now?


“Hell is full of musical amateurs,” said George Bernard Shaw. Now if you are a musician and you don’t want to be in hell, then you surely want to be at Kamp1. Here, you can learn Music for professional reasons or just for passion. Learn to produce electronic music or just to play an instrument. Kamp1 caters every need in the field of music, In fact, you will find students across all ages and diverse backgrounds here, as love for music is the only common thing that binds them all and also the only mandate at Kamp1.

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Where: 125D 1st Floor South Point Mall, DLF Phase 5, Sector 53, Gurugram


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