Meet Khushhal Kaushik, Gurugram Cyber Expert Who Made The International Headline In UNESCO


The article written by Khushhal Kaushik was published in the UNESCO magazine. Khushhal Kaushik is a Cyber Expert and a resident of Gurugram City. He is the first Indian whose article got published in such a reputed international magazine. He has also helped Gurugram and Indian police to solve many cases associated with cyber-crime. He has also trained police officials to solve cases based on cyber -crime.

PM Narendra Modi’s dream of digital India and Make in India has been carried forward by Gurugram cyber expert. Khushhal Kaushik has presented the exemplary example of Modi’s dream. He has made India proud as his article on cyber- crime has been published in the UNESCO magazine.


He is a resident of Gurgaon, Haryana of 30 years of age. According to him, India has been rated low in the protection of cyber-crime and India has a great potential in the protection of cyber-crime. In order to disrupt this thought process, scientist and researcher Khushhal Kaushik has submitted application to write an article on cyber-crime in UNESCO magazine. The scrutiny of application has taken place from March till October.  After a struggle of 6 months interviews, his article got selected and published in this international and renowned magazine.

He expressed his view, that this is the moment of dignity that his article got selected and was published in UNESCO magazine. He gave the credit of his success to his father, Late Ram kishan Kaushik. He further added that his father has always taught him to do social work and his teachings have always inspired Khushhal Kaushik to practice his principles in daily life. After completing BSC in IT, he has got many offers from many famous companies. But he has ignored all the offers and has moved forward in the area of Cyber protection.

He has also worked with the Government of many countries and solved their issues of cyber-security. Working with the Government of many nations is an achievement and the credit go to his Father. He further said that India is a storehouse of talent just like him.  He also said that Indian Government is working very hard to bring forward the talent. He also said that he is also working individually to promote the talent.


Khushhal Kaushik has helped Delhi-Gurugram police force

Khushhal Kaushik, founder of tech Company has helped Delhi and Gurugram police to solve cases related to cyber-crime. He has solved a very complicated and serious cyber-crime case in just 48 hours. This case was associated with the Senior IAS officer of Nagaland government. For this act, he was honored by the police and Government officials. He has also trained the Delhi and Gurugram police force.

He wishes to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi

As per Khushhal Kaushik every youth in India is inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Moreover, he is greatly inspired by the prime minster dream of Digital India and Make in India. He is going out from India and is working for cyber protection of various nations. This act is the best example of Make in India. He wants to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and want to discuss the strategies about cyber protection.

Khushhal Kaushik’s achievements

  • He was also invited by Hon’ble Prime minister of Canada. Justin Trudeau and discussed about the cyber protection.

  • He was also invited to the dinner by PM of Uganda for discussing issues related to cyber -crime and protection. Also,

  • Mr. Navdeep Bains, Hon’ble Minister for Innovation, Science & Economic Development, Canada and Ruby Sahota Member of Parliament in the House of Commons of Canada has asked for tips in cyber protection.

  • He was also invited to meet with Zori Kor, a former National Security Advisor to discuss various issues on cyber security.


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