Wanna Go Lattu Over Biryani? Try This Biryani Restaurant In Gurgaon


To us foodies, biryani isn’t just a food, it’s a state of mind. It’s one dish that unites us all from north to south, east to west. Every grain of this aromatic, piping hot dish can make us go lattu over. If you agree, call us your bestie as we’re back again with a new place for the biryani lovers in town to be on the prowl for.

Nestled in Sector 62, Lattu Biryani is a cutesy eatery serving up toothsome biryani in Gurgaon. From the name itself, you can guess how crazy and proud these guys are about the world-famous delicacy called biryani. And so, they’re leaving no stones unturned to whip up the most flavorful biryani in Gurgaon. From Wajid Ali Shah Chicken Biryani to Pahadi Ra Ra Meat Biryani and Pehle-Aap Subz Biryani- they’re sure to spoil your taste buds with explosions of rich flavors.

And that’s not all, folks! They’ve also covered some tender and juicy kebabs, the colonial cousins of biryani. Paneer tikka, chicken tikka, shammi kebab are some of the mouthwatering ones in the menu. And for those who love to accompany their biryani with curries, bhuna ghost and butter chicken are must-try from Lattu Biryani. Their cool beverages and shandaar desserts are also to die for.


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So, guys, if you wanna go lattu over some delightful biryani, you can either head over to this place or order up from Swiggy or Zomato from the comfort of your couch. Their cutesy hygienic packaging is another reason to win more brownie points.

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