Meet the dynamic dude at 62: Dinesh Mohan from Gurgaon!


It’s never too late, to begin with, something you are passionate about. Dinesh Mohan, a model/actor at the age of 62 has proved it right in every sense. The age that let people from the modeling careers thinking about retirement, he began to walk on that path. An acclaimed supermodel suitable for every niche and genre, donning an all-grey hair look proves age is just a number. This approach has got him to win the title of the Silver fox of India.


Just when the world starts thinking about retirement, he thought of launching his second inning in style. A Gurgaon-centric model, originally hails from Delhi and now works in multiple cities appropriate for his profession. Though it was never an easy journey for him to turn the tables from an overweight, depressed educator to being a fitness freak supermodel. He had to fight within for his eating disorders to become fat to fit. A clear determination and hard work to his goal, of just getting himself fit and coming out of self-pity, has directed him to reduce from 130 Kgs to 81 Kgs to initiate his life as a model. On the contrary, as he says, modeling was just a meet-cute for him. When he met one of his old neighbor who happens to work with a fashion magazine, posted this before and after pictures. The calls from modeling agencies never stopped coming. This idea suggested him to audition for a modeling agency. And once he got his hands on the first audition there was no looking back. He got the professional insights naturally siding with him that he enjoyed while still working on improving himself. He got a purpose to move ahead in his life. As for him, he is much happier and content with what he’s doing now.


Moreover, He is the only registered model, starting his career at 57 and giving the youngsters a run for their money. A renowned style guru, as he is, has his YouTube channel to guide about men styling and image improvement. He also is a motivational speaker full of inspiring personal experiences and very relatable to accept. Owing to his amazing looks, sharp posture, and maintained physique, he is a very well-known face for leading men’s wear designers. From ethnic wear to street-wear styles, his styles are impeccable and the confidence he carries his looks is another level commendable.


This hotshot model from has broken all the social stigma of restarting a career at an unbelievably elderly age and has successfully melted the ice on the term “ what will people say”. His mantra is to ignore all the negativity and live life on his own, but positive terms. At the age of 62 he has walked for over 100 shows and numerous shoots then of course the negativity of others should have never affected him. Through an interview given to Humans of Bombay, he hopes to inspire people into believing that their ordinary lives could be extraordinary, just change the way to see it.

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