Mindhouse has got you for that sense of calm!


With a variety of modern yoga and meditation classes in their app, Mindhouse comes with a loyal army of followers. The 3500-year-old practices of Meditation or yoga are not new. But it is difficult to embark on this journey without a professional guiding you, and this is exactly where Mindhouse steps in. Their experts help you to begin as well as stick to the regime to attain enhanced sleep, focus, and patience coupled with a relaxed body and relaxed mind. And all these within the comforting environs of your choice!!! We’re sold for sure.

Mindhouse has got your calm covered through daily classes, meditation tools, customized packs, and suitably crafted sleep stories. All the courses are designed by experts in the field of modern meditation and mind training techniques. Beginners get to create a regular routine based on various meditation techniques while the regular meditators can go for the intermediate and advanced content to continue practicing.

Their Musical Mindfulness sessions help you build daily meditation habit by improving your focus, while their Total Calm and Overcoming Anxiety courses provide relaxation through imagery as well as mental visualization. For the more active folks, there are Breathwork and Cyclic Meditation classes, linked to rhythmic breathing techniques and alternate stimulation of muscles.


Based on Progressive Muscle Relaxation, the Refresh practice is an effective stress-relief exercise. Taking your meditation practice up a notch, Mindhouse gifts you with sleep stories narrated by the powerhouses like Konkona Sensharma, Amol Parashar, and Rahul Bose. Trust us, your endorphins will be grateful for being unlocked!!!
Download the Mindhouse app today, and get started on your wellness journey!

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