Orzoov, a Slice of Kashmir on your Plate


Authentic Kashmiri Cuisine has been pretty inaccessible to Delhi NCR but now you have the chance to experience this rich cuisine with Orzoov. The family-run kitchen delivers Kashmir’s regional star dishes right to your doorstep. Each dish is prepared with precision by the mother of the house who is almost an ambassador of his culinary culture.


The menu has the story of Kashmiri cuisine on one side and the selection of dishes on the other featuring everything from the classics to lesser-known dishes. The dishes do not see dependence on onion and garlic. Kashmiri Modur Pulao, which is meant to be an auspicious start to the meal in the Kashmiri Pandit community, will get you blown with the saffron-scented wave of flavor.


As starter, Nadir Maunj or lotus root cutlets are street food offerings that will draw your attention. Moving to the main course, the signature Rogan Josh is lofty and Mutsch, a subtly spiced mincemeat kebab, are served gorgeous. You get to taste the legendary Haak or collard greens, a staple dish in the valley rarely seen outside. From the slow-cooked Dum Aloo to the succulent Ledur Tschaman, panner in turmeric-based gravy to the Al-Yakhni, deep-fried bottle gourd in yogurt-based gravy, the vegetarians will be in love.


End the meal with Orzoov Special Phirni, a semolina pudding redolent with saffron and Shufte. Wash down all the heat with a cup of Kahwa, a heady mix of Almonds, Cardamom and Cinnamon now available in ready-to-drink sachets. The Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian Kashmiri Thalis feature varying tastes and texture.

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