Marvel of Transportational Engineering: POD Taxis To Start In Gurugram


After digitalization that has taken the entire country by a revolution, India is all set up to posit future into the present. The very next-gen transportation mode is about to be launched real soon in the country at Gurgaon and will take away all the eyes off the metro rails. An Rs. 4000-crore grand desire project is being planned to be embarked upon along Delhi-Gurgaon route by Union Minister, Shri Nitin Gadkari. The proposal has attracted three bidders among who are Ultra Pod, operating Heathrow London pod and SkyTran, a USA company. Currently, a 12.3 km stretch track with 14 stations on the route and about 800-1100 taxis has been mandated to be executed on Delhi-Gurugram passage on a Public and private partnership basis. A five-member technical committee has been set up to assure automated public movers standards along with Niti Aayog Counsel. Wonderful and fascinating, here is what one must know about the transit cars and their benefits.

• What are pod taxis?



To begin with, these are actually a system of public transportation designed especially for areas where the population is growing at quite a rate. Traffic at such places generates an issue and one would often get late to his destination. To such places, there is a demand for vehicles which are automated and fast, which can run of specially built gateways or subways away from the usual traffic lanes. Vehicles which allow a pick and drop point to point in a non-stop manner are what the people wish for. Pod taxis exactly fulfil the wishes of people who never wish to be late for a meeting or an emergency. These taxis are meant to fit only five individuals at a time, so as to avoid congestion. The vehicular route avoids confusion in drop-in destinations and long-term waits to accelerate through and through.

• The success rate of the pod in other cities of the world vs expected success rate in Gurgaon

Although the world is heading towards the high-end technology, only a few countries have started the Pod taxi system or PRT. Morgantown in West Virginia has a sprawling network of PRT and has been very popular since 1975. The Masdar City of UAE has also been fortunate to have established the same since 2010. An ultra-PRT has been set up at London Heathrow Airport as well. Recently, a number of stations have been opened in Suncheon city of South Korea for a 40-vehicle system. The success rate of PRT is quite high in these cities. With respect to Gurgaon, the current public transportation system is unable to meet the entire needs of the travellers. The crowd is quite suffocating and the people have to adjust a lot in order to find a place to stand. The number of people and congested traffic on the road gets worse during the peak hours. The introduction of a more convenient vehicular transport with effective cost, easy to avail, faster and least packed, the people will definitely crave for it. The expected rate of success is anticipated to be higher in Gurgaon than other cities of the world. The project looks forward to generating a good proportion of revenue.


• Why do we need pod taxis in Gurgaon?

India is the second most populous country in the world and that the rate of growth of population is the highest in the world. In addition to these, a fair amount of employment opportunities have come up in Gurgaon, as multi-national companies, industries of various kinds, start-up business, etc. took a shot. With the development of these corporations in the city, the human resource requirement increases and this draws the attention of a lot of graduates. This implicates the crowding and expansion of the city. The existing means of fastest land transport is getting outnumbered by the crowd. So, in order to satisfy the need for an even faster transport system, the PRT or pod taxis have been thought to be launched in an ever-growing city like Gurgaon city in India. This prime venture is being planned to operate along the lines of Delhi-Haryana state border. If you are at Delhi and a sudden plan to visit the world-class Oyster’s Water Park at Gurgaon, Haryana for recreation and refreshment comes up, you will not have to wait for hours anymore or go through the tiring journey.

• What are the advantages of this system?

The next question that knocks at our brains is what are the features and merits of adopting such a set-up in Gurgaon. To answer the query, this network is a fully automated one. Based and planned according to the structural composition of Gurgaon, the plan is being managed by a USA committee. The system works on digital control and is not human operated. With minimal requirements, the committee has come up with a plan that is absolutely unique to be operated. The plans of contriving, working and continuance of this scheme involves vehicle arrival announcement, audio-visual operating programme, warning systems, sloping platform erection, vacating aberrant vehicles, communication network, emergency call spots, fire and electricity accident management. The entire functioning of the vehicle will be eyed upon by security surveillance camera, otherwise known as CCTV. The travelling costs are yet to be decided once the project is complete; although the costs are expected to be very effective to increase the convenience of the common people, most of them belonging to the working class of Gurgaon. The time taken to travel long will get reduced to less half. So for Gurgaon, it is time to get ready for an uninterrupted travel. If you are concerned about the environment, then there is no worry about it at all. The entire network shuttles on electricity, so no harmful gases are ever emitted out of these vehicles. A bad weather will never hinder your travel anymore.

Major decisions are yet to be taken by the Indian Government (NHAI), private companies interested to invest and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).In spite of the fact that a lot of test and trial are to be conducted, which obviously would take time, the project is still a sure thing that would hit the city in a very positive way. This idiosyncratic plan would take the usual existing transportation system by storms. For any further information on the pod taxi or the PRT system, you can check for Nerd’s Travel.


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