Roundup Marketplace, the 24×7 convenient store to set life easy


Grocery shopping is hard, damn it! We deal with crowded stores, long lines, expensive produce and then we have to lug it all home, which is like an episode. But life doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why we had set out and to our surprise discovered one of the finest 24×7 convenient stores. This is one of those places where you can spend the better part of the afternoon, hopping amidst the gleaming aisles stocked with Imported food products, everyday groceries, diet foods including items which are gluten Free, sugar free and organic. A live kitchen and a bakery corner called Bread-o-Clock are just few of the perks!!! One of the best Grocery store in Gurgaon.


Whether you have a recipe which needs a dozen type of exotic fruits, or your friend wants to binge on that exotic veggie salad, or your colleagues want to come over for an Italian plate, their extensive range have you covered. The selection is so deep in fruits, vegetables, noodles, pasta, cereals, snacks, and beverages, that exploring any one category feels like the real-life version of an infinite scroll. Anytime you plan to go vegan, you can rely on their supplies.


For those impromptu gatherings, pick up ready-to-eat meals. For those nights when you got to stay awake late, snacks, chocolates and ice creams will make up for great gorging. No matter what the nutritionist says, our affinity towards tea and coffee will not seize, the counters here are brimming with intoxicating brew!!! While you are stocking up your monthly supplies of personal care, home care, baby care or even pet care products, make sure to drop by their stores.


Roundup marketplace houses Bread-o-clock, a dedicated bakery which will build your appetite and mood too. From freshly baked croissants to designer cakes to cookie brownies to pesto focaccia to Nutella tarts, these darlings leave you with gorgeous taste. Birthdays, anniversaries or calling on a newborn, celebration cakes come with guaranteed feel-good. A fusion marble cake or fresh mango cake with macaroons, your specials days are indulgent. Freshly baked bread or the melt-in-mouth pao give your days a kickstart!!!

Oh, we forgot to mention, this place delivers right to your doorstep and completely free. We see, groceries are no longer tiring!!!

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Timings: Open 24×7

Contact No. 9821130300 0124 492 9110

Location: Suncity Business Tower, G – 9, Golf Course Rd, Suncity, Gurugram


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