Best ever salad! – Salad Company, Dlf Phase 4 Gurgaon


Eating well the healthy way. Team Salad Company is on a mission to make healthy eating yummy. They have created a healthy food offering with a lot of choices that don’t compromise on taste or portion size. Healthy salads served with signature dressings that adds an array of delicious flavours with loads of herby freshness delivered to your doorstep.



Kick start your digestive system with raw goodness and get that all important energy boost with our nutrient-dense, freshly-squeezed juices and blended smoothies. As saintly as they are delicious.

Salad Company – At Sector 50 and Dlf Phase – 4 Gurgaon
Cost for Two: Approx 500 Rs.
Contact : 8588000103, 8588000104
To Order Online: Click Here

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  1. […] Salad Company is a delivery only service in Gurgaon, Salad Company delivers healthy and fresh Salads, Wraps, Sandwiches, Cold Pressed Juices and more… They pack it up super nicely. A must try for salad lovers. […]