Salons, Beauty Parlours And Sweet Shops to ReOpen in Gurugram!


If you are itching for a haircut, or craving for some sweets, there’s some good news for you. In an order issued by Haryana Government.

There’s some relief for Salons, Beauty Parlours & Sweet Shops in Haryana!  Salons, beauty parlors, and sweet shops except those in containment zones will reopen with precautions.


Salons & Beauty Parlour’s staff needs to take precautionary measures and sanitize their shops and use disposable towels/papers for each customer. The shop owners also need to ensure that the clients and the staff inside will have to wear masks.


The sweet shops also can be open for takeaway and delivery. Hand sanitizers must be available at the shops and staff shall wear hand gloves, face mask, and head covers all the time.


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