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Gulzar had once said ‘Chaliye ek mulaqat karte hain, phagun mein barsat laate hain, Malhaar ya fir Tarang wale Dupatta pehente hain’’ and this spring, Samprada Store brings this to life!!! We have risen from the winter greys and Covid agony and it is time to fall in love with yourself all over again and who helps you do that?!! Gurugram’s Samprada Store decks you with sustainable and responsible fashion through handcrafted women’s clothing.


Have you ever wondered of a look eliciting a measure of patriotism? Wherever you go across India, whether its rural alcoves or urban landscapes, you’re likely to stumble upon beautiful textiles. Each weave, a result of indigenous dexterity and scientific ingenuity, connects the unwavering spirit of Indian craft communities. Samprada thaws these weaves out of their archaic approach only to produce conscious clothing with zero waste complimented with contemporary design and perfect finish and fit.

This place houses eternal classics suitable for casual, work or occasion closet. You are spoilt for choice amongst the humble yet innovative long kurtis, vibrant anarkalis which refuse to play second fiddle to anything else, the tops and bottom-wear only to spruce your style, the out-of-the-box jackets and finally the heirloom-worthy Sari.

As spring has tiptoed, so are the latest collections at Samprada. The stocks are adorably named, they call them Bahaar (premium occasion wear), Saanjh(casual evenings), Khwaab (stay-at-homewear), Roop (Chanderi fabrics with inlay works from Rajasthan havelis), Champakali, Mogra (summer wear) and Nakkashi. What you get is a multiple iterations of heritage weaves as your repertoire. From a Madhubala Ghaghra to a Noor Kurta to Abeera Farshi Pant to the Magnolia Dress to the Nazaqat Blouse, each one is a note-worthy piece. Saree is that silhouette that forever etches a space in every wardrobe irrespective of the trends. And when it comes to the Samprada Sarees, it reigns supreme.


The butter-soft Chiffon sarees, the easy-to-manage Shabnam sarees, the sequined cocktail ones, hand embroidered with love, they are champions in their own rights. With Samprada around, you only get to make memorable showcases.

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