TAI∞​ the coolest Summer Camp in town!


With hundreds of summer camps happening in and around our town, it would certainly take you longer to find the right one, than it would for your child to attend the camp itself. One can be spoilt with choices if at all you take Google’s help. Ranging from adventure camps to sports to music to themes and academic camps, the list can be endless.

Most kids get about six to eight weeks of summer holidays. To make most of these holidays, one has to plan ahead of them. A well-spent summer for kids must include activities for mind, body, and spirit. It’s a great idea to let your child experience an outdoor activity with a family like a short vacation, a family picnic or even a visit to meet distant relatives. Apart from this, choosing summer camps to attend to will add a wholesome effect to your child’s development. Within the ambit of a planned summer camp budget, try to give your child an opportunity to attend two different camps. One of them should focus on boosting the physical activities of your child and the other to help sharpen the mind. Engaging children with learning in a positive and fun environment will aid them in growing-up as energetic, responsible and intelligent adults.

TAI​∞ (Teach with Artificial Intelligence) is a skill development company that has developed one unique Summer Camp that caters to enhancing the ‘think perspectives’ in a child. The program is designed specifically for children in the age group of 7 to 15 years. The theme of the camp is ‘Inventive Mindset’. Children are divided into junior and senior groups and are exposed to a host of activities, conceptual games, and videos that will enable them to understand the different levels to think of Kids learn how to generate ideas or solutions to problems around them. The new ideas developed by them are engineered through a project into a model that displays their creative thoughts or ideas, thus inventing something new. Apart from this, children will also get to learn some cool math speed-calculations, memory techniques, crafts, UI/UX concepts and such that will heighten one’s creative skills. A bonus activity added to the above camp is ‘free access to coding camp’. Mark Zuckerberg starting CODING at the age of 10. He created ‘Facebook’ which made him the youngest Billionaire of our times. Coding elevates skills like reasoning, designing, game development, and engineering.

Call them at 8860911900 for more details and register your child into the Coolest Summer Camp in town.


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