Tired Of The Regular Chai? Enjoy Special Tandoori Chai This Winter!


We all know the taste of normal Masala, Ginger tea, and Special Strong Tea. But this winters start your early mornings with a special Tandoori Chai in Gurgaon, Served in Kulhad with some bun maska at Tandoori Chay Bagaan by SD.


Now you can have special Tandoori Chai in your breakfast here in Gurgaon, Tandoori Chay Bagaan by SD and its tandoori flavoured Chai is to do die for. This is a whole a new concept first time in Gurgaon. It’s a small tea and snacks joint which serves delicious chai with some snacks.


How to make Tandoori Chai? Well, Tandoori Chai is made in Earthen drinking clay pots (Kulhad) are kept in a burning tandoor to char and get roasted. Pre-made, semi-cooked tea is then poured into one of the extremely hot clay pots and what follows is magic, worthy of many Instagram-able videos; the chai is let to bubble over as it finishes cooking. It’s the hot clay pot that lends the chai its smoky flavour. Once it does its job, the chai then poured into another clean clay pot and served piping hot.

At Tandoori Chay Bagaan by SD,  You can also pair it up with a side of Bun Maska or Bun Maska jam, Bombay vada pav, cheese samosa (Spl), Maggi, Most famous UK Pakora with UK? Special ( Dhuu ) Chatini. The chai is milky with subtle hints of smokiness and real essence of tandoori clay soil, we have also found some spices added to the chai that make it tastier. I keep my tandoori Masala recipes and process secret as it’s a closely guarded my secret.

If you’re not a chai lover then you have an option for a Tandoori coffee and tandoori Badam milk with Karari Jalebi. It is a good combination of the winter season that is also What we favour the mother ear that by using earthen pots we can recycle the clay pots.

Timings: 10 am to till midnight

Price started @: Rs 20 Rs only

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Location: G49-A, Baani Square, Sector 50, Nirvana, Gurugram


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