Good things come in TANY packages!


Miniature art has been into existence since long, but lately, it gained a lot of interest around the world! Intricate works of art that can be held in the palm of the hand or weigh as less as a few milligrams are maintaining the spirits of miniature art.


Based out of Gurugram, Tany Tales specialises in creating whimsical life-size articles in adorable miniatures! Leveraging an assortment of tale boxes, miniature food as well as other mundane objects, they are gonna make you swoon with joy with their astonishing miniature creations.


Tanima, the owner of Tany Tales, loves to create miniature versions of objects from daily life! Be it your dreamy room, favourite food or that perfect dollhouse, she crafts memorable moments from your life into tiny adorable pieces of art. She always loved the world of craft! The passion for miniatures started by collecting miniatures for her fairy garden and this lead her to the mesmerizing world of miniatures. What once started as a passion turned into a homegrown business.


Miniature art is all about creating a tiny version of a life-size piece. It’s fascinating how these miniatures are crafted to look closer to reality and is a piece of absolute patience. The miniatures they craft are mostly customised, especially the tale boxes that depict some sort of tale like a miniature kitchen, bathroom, window with flowers, playing room etc that a person can cherish for life. They also craft food miniatures that you simply cannot resist (P.S. Though you can’t eat those)! They will soon be offering playable dollhouse items too!


When it comes to customer satisfaction, they offer the best services that will make you come back again! They try to incorporate as many personalised things you want in the miniature so that they also feel attached to the creation.

So, get in touch with them for some tiny pieces of art that will win your heart!

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