The 10 Best Pizzas in Gurgaon


Who says no to a delicious, mouthwatering pizza? I hope not you! Pizza is one of those soul-satisfying food items that is loved by all. The delicacy is a blessing and can be enjoyed every weekend. For all pizza lovers, Gurgaon has some of the best restaurants that offer authentic Italian delicacies you can’t stop drooling over! It’s a dream come true for all Italian food lovers.

Although Gurgaon has much more to offer, you’re in for a treat with the tastiest pizza spots in town. Numerous restaurants in the city have been offering authentic Italian and Indian pizzas for a very long time, and we are here with some of the best restaurant options to choose from: 


• TableSpoon – Tablespoon, an Italian restaurant located in the sleek, monochrome high-rise towers of Gurugram’s Cyber Hub, is a vibrant splash of beauty. In addition, the pizza station has a live kitchen where you can see your hand-tossed pizza getting prepared in front of you. You can enjoy a variety of pizza options thanks to the exclusive half-n-half options. And that’s not even the most incredible part yet—the pizzas offer you the ideal cheese pull. The often overlooked crust has fillings to ensure no piece is left behind. 

Their best-selling delicacies include Classic Pepperoni, Prosciutto, and Barbecued Chicken Pizza on the non-veg menu and Margherita, Pesto, and Spicy Veg Pizza on the veg menu. Enjoy this delicacy with your friends and family and experience a whole new authentic pizza experience.

    📍Location- DLF Cyberhub, Gurgaon | DLF Avenue, Saket, Delhi

    Call them at +91.982.100.2551, +91.982.100.2552

    Cost for Two: Rs. 2000/-

    da SusyThe primary selling point of Pizzeria Da Susy is its pizzas made the old-fashioned way. However, the menu also offers plenty of other authentically prepared food items. We recommend savoring their well-known Spinacci and Ricotta pizza and their Ortolana pizza, which is topped with a generous layer of mozzarella and a ton of cherry tomatoes and zucchini.

    It is on the “50 Best Pizzerias In Asia Pacific for 2024 list,” published annually by the “Top 50 Pizza” group based in Italy. For those who are not vegetarians, you must choose a Diavola pizza, a Mortazza Pizza, or a Pollo Pizza with a more traditional flavor. Lastly, we suggest you enjoy a mouthwatering pizza over a sweet discussion with your favorite person.

    Cost for Two: INR 2,000 (excluding taxes and alcohol).

    📍M3M IFC, Sector 66, Gurugram – 9821923920
    Mon-Sun 12pm-11pm

    📍Cross Point Mall, Dlf Phase 4, Gurugram – 9958912406
    Mon-Sun 12pm-10:30pm

    Grotto PizzeriaOffering mouthwatering pizzas, it is in the bustling Galleria Market in Gurugram. They guarantee to add richness to every aspect of their pizzas—a rich flavor that enhances the amazingly made pizza crusts, perfectly charred with delicious toppings. They prepare pizzas using ingredients from the garden, placing them over a woodfire cave to get the crispiest crust and the heaviest possible layer of cheese on top.

    They make the tastiest pizzas in the authentic Italian way with fresh tomatoes and enhance your palate with various coffee options—you may choose between hand-brewed and machine-brewed. They promise to satisfy your cravings collectively with delicious and authentic pizzas.

      Cost for Two: INR 850

      Call them at +91-9711158622, 9910908290

      📍Location-: SF – 090, First floor, Galleria Market, Gurugram.

      Pizza ExpressDo you want to experience authentic Italian flavors? Head to the Pizza Express at Ambience Mall & Worldmark in Gurgaon to grab some mouthwatering authentic pizzas. They savor delicious cuisine at Pizza Express, but their authentic Italian pizzas are their primary attraction. This restaurant will tempt your taste buds with various options, such as the irresistible and the must-try Soho 65 Pizza

      They also offer a delectable fruit pizza recipe, a must-try, dough balls doppio, and garlic bread that satisfies your cravings. Relax in the bustling atmosphere and allow every bite to carry you to the streets of Italy. At Pizza Express, every visit is a savory adventure ready to be enjoyed. 

      Cost: Rs 350 for one order

      Call them at 86557 69475

      📍Location-: 3rd Floor Ambience Mall, Gurugram & Worldmark Gurugram.

      Smoke House DeliExperience the gourmet delights at Smoke House Deli in Gurgaon, famous for its European food. A haven of flavor crafted with skill and fresh ingredients, Smoke House Deli welcomes pizza lovers to enjoy an explosion of flavors. Every pizza, from traditional NEO NEAPOLITAN PIZZA to their famous MULTI MUSHROOM PIZZA, is evidence of the chef’s skills. Savor a perfect combination of crunchy crusts, flavorful toppings, and oozy cheeses to entice your palate. 

      However, the star of the dinner has to be their GRILLED PERI PERI CHICKEN, FRESH MOZZARELLA & RUCOLA for non-vegetarians and SMOKED PEPERONATA, ROASTED ONIONS, OLIVES & SCAMORZA for all the vegetarians. Smoke House Deli offers a unique culinary experience whether dining by yourself, with friends, or for a special event. Accept the cozy atmosphere’s warmth and allow each mouthful to take you to pizza heaven. 

      Cost: Rs 450 for one order

      Call them at 78388 94896

      📍Location-: M3M IFC, Golf Course Extension Road Gurugram.

      Baking Bad—There aren’t many reliable late-night food delivery services available. You can only imagine how happy we were when we discovered that Gurgaon had added Baking Bad to its list of places to relish pizza. Thanks to their delicious wood-fired food and services, they have a significant fan base. As a passionate lover of rich, meaty pizzas, one should choose The Piggy Bank (with bacon jam!) or The Heisenberg. 

      Our vegetarian friends have also told us delightful reviews about The Acropolis, garnished with mozzarella, feta, jalapeños, arugula, and black olives. Imagine you’re too cool to read a menu or have a particular choice of food items. So Baking Bad offers customizable pizzas with ingredients like tofu, sriracha, capers, seasoned tenderloin slices, or baked potatoes! Relish your pizza with your favorite toppings and satiate your cravings with their delicacies. 

      Cost: Rs 350 for one order

      Delivery Only 

      📍Location-: DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon.

      Galaxy PizzaThe world-famous flavour of New York-style pizza is introduced to India’s dining industry by Galaxy Pizza Gurgaon. To get the ideal texture and flavour in every mouthful, they carefully make their dough, which is their secret. They source only the best ingredients for their pizzas since they are very particular about quality. 

      A symphony of flavours from our carefully chosen toppings and a crispy but delicate dough define each slice as the epitome of authentic New York pizza. A slice from Galaxy Pizza promises to take your taste buds on a delectable trip to the bustling streets of New York City, whether you live in Gurgaon or just visit Delhi NCR. Their Burrata Pizza and Angry Margarita are two of their best delicacies, loved and recommended by people. 

      Cost: Rs 750 for one order

      Delivery Only

      📍Location-: Ocus Quantum Sector 51, Gurugram.

      Bella Cucina > Le Meridien HotelWith its spectacular dining experience, Bella Cucina at the Le Meridien Hotel in Gurgaon takes its pizza menu to a whole new level. The friendly staff of Bella Cucina takes visitors on a gastronomic adventure while creating a cozy environment and providing them with warm, personalized care. 

      Every bit of the authentic Italian pizza baked here is a work of art, carefully created to suit the tastes of every table. Each slice reflects the artistry and passion of the chef, from traditional Italian Margheritas to various cheese-burst pizzas. Their trademark pizzas are more than just meals; the chef and other staff lovingly curate each dish, leaving every individual happy and satisfied with every bite.

      Call them at +911244992007 / +911244992000

      📍Location-: Le Meridien, Gurgaon-Delhi Border, Sector 26, MG Road, Gurgaon.

      Slyce PizzaAlthough these pizzas are expertly crafted using a gourmet wood-fired cooking process that gives the crust a unique flavor and texture, Slyce’s dedication to utilizing only the best ingredients sets them apart. Every element, from quality ingredients to locally sourced food, is meticulously chosen to guarantee outstanding flavor and freshness. The restaurant is a delivery-only spot that takes excellent satisfaction in using three different kinds of cheese, each giving the pizzas a unique flavor and depth. 

      Be sure to take advantage of the Spicy Cottage Cheese Pizza, prepared with a rich Mornay sauce, peri peri cottage cheese, fiery paprika, roasted onions, and a rich coating of Parmesan cheese. Parmesan Reggiano is added for an extra depth of flavor that will entice your palate.

      Cost: Rs 350 for one order

      Call them at 9205544038

      📍Location-: S-27/17, Nathupur, DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon

      Nomad Pizza– Foodies, get ready to celebrate! Nomad has everything you could want on your plate, but their pizzas are something to focus on. Founded to improve the experience of enjoying pizza, the venture aimed to grow by introducing its unique “pizzas from around the world” concept. Pizzas from all over the world, including Korea and America, are served at Nomad Pizza. 

      The Nomad menu is enlightening for those who have grown up eating Italian-style pizza. Nomad’s menu features international varieties similar to our pizzas, such as Paneer and Butter Chicken. The pizzas are stuffed with fresh ingredients, priced fairly for their size, and bigger than usual. The menu’s must-tries include the Chicago Deep Dish Chicken Pizza and the Naples Pesto Potato Pizza, which are unique due to their unusual combination. Another unusual combo is Georgia’s Meat and Feta Khachapuri with Egg.

      Cost: Rs 450 for one order

      Call them at 093103 14342

      Delivery Only 

      📍Location-: DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon.


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