Try This Food Delivery Outlet That Makes It Incredibly Easy To Be Healthy!


Are you putting a disaster on your health by not engaging yourself in healthy eating & living? Are you guilty of binging on unhealthy and unhygienic food when away from home? Then save yourself from this disaster before it’s too late!

Zucchini Stuffed Rice Bowl

The Disaster Cafe has opened it’s doors for all those who love to binge on healthy foods and also those who want to switch to healthy eating. We’re sure you won’t have to compromise on your taste if you choose health because every dish at the cafe is luscious as well as healthy!

Paneer BBQ Rice Bowl

The whole purpose behind the opening of The Disaster Cafe is to provide a unique and relaxing corporate cafeteria experience. And they strive to achieve this goal by providing a menu that not only incorporates salads and healthy bowls but also sandwiches and juices and much more, making eating healthy an appetizing affair!

Kiri Kiri Chicken Salad

They believe that the health of an employee is his wealth and if the employee will be healthy, so will his work efficiency be! They work on the well-being of the corporate employees by ensuring the happiness of the employees with sinful yet healthy and wholesome meals.

Apple Almond Salad

They have an exciting menu other than the usual sandwiches or salads. Morocco Healthy Bowl, Aloe vera Juice, Farm House Omelette and Multigrain & Banana Mix Shake are a few of the most appreciated picks from the brand!

Mixed Fruit Juice

They are all set to launch a new range of Big Pound Burgers for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. As obvious as it sounds, the burger is gonna be a big affair for all the burger lovers!

Cost For Two: INR. 300 (approx.)

Timings: 9:30am – 10pm

Contact No. +919711278815


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