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The ideal lifestyle mantra for many of us over the last few years has been healthy indulgence. Customers began to spend money on delicious, healthy products that are fresh, organic and locally sourced. This demand paved the way for artisanal, small-batch, preservative-free products, resulting in a rise in demand for everything from artisanal cheese, vegan ice cream, and chocolates, to honey, and premium teas. Speaking of top-notch health foods, if you are looking for a way to make your at-home date nights, private gatherings, girls’ nights, or wine and cheese evenings more elegant and stylish? Then look no further, TheGoodFatCo, a curated marketplace for artisanal gourmet groceries based out of Gurgaon/NCR is your go-to destination.


Co-founded by Uditya Sharma and Radhika Kohli in January 2022, the brand was established with the goal of creating a people-centric marketplace focusing on healthy life choices. The Co-Founders’ passion for healthy foods and for doing things differently led them to build this platform for artisanal gourmet goods that already supports over 100 vendors from all over India. The brand seeks to serve health-conscious individuals who want to consume delicious foods that retain as much of the natural goodness as possible. TheGoodFat’s product curation is influenced by its commitment to factors such as quality, ingredient-purity, and environmental sustainability. Over the next two years, the brand plans to onboard over 300 vendors and expand its presence across Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore, to open-up to a larger audience.


Customers can explore, sample and shop the entire variety of products available on the platform in the fully furnished, air-conditioned walk-in TheGoodFatCo trucks, their H.O.G Experience Centres just like they would in a physical store. The brand aims to reach a wider spectrum of consumers given that it can move between sites with ease, partake in food festivals, and other prominent events taking place in NCR, thanks to its mobile shop. These H.O.G Centres as of now travel to upscale areas across Delhi Farms and in the poshest Condominiums of Gurgaon including The Magnolias, Aralias, Western Greens Farms, Radhey Mohan Drive, DLF Chattarpur, Crest, Belaire, Pushpanjali farms, etc.


Some of the gourmet products offered by TheGoodFatCo include Artisanal cheese and cold cuts, organically and hydroponically grown fresh produce, bakery items, bean-to-bar chocolates, honey, premium teas and coffee, gluten-free pasta, avocados, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and exclusive vegan products including bakery, tofu, cheese and milk alternatives, ice creams, and chocolates. Here are our top picks from TheGoodFatCo truck that you too can get your hands on and savour:


1. The New-Age Chocolate Milkshake Mix

This unique chocolate beverage is created with whey protein isolate, unsweetened cocoa powder, and only the finest sun-dried dates. You’ll question whether you’ve ever had true chocolate drinks before because it gives you a taste that is truly unparalleled.

2. Date Honey

This is made with dates and dates only. It contains 25% less natural sugar than normal honey and is completely vegan. Substitute normal honey with this Date Honey in any recipe and enjoy its taste and goodness. We especially recommend adding it to your lemonades.

3. Oat Milk

It is a plant-based, dairy-free, nut-free, and cruelty-free alternative to milk. It can be consumed just the way you like it, chilled, with your coffee, cereals, or smoothies. It is an alt-dairy brand procuring first-rate oat grain, is environmentally friendly and sustainable that will reach the consumer, and then back to the earth.

4. A traditional cheese made by Gujjar shepherds in the mountains of Kashmir

Similar to mozzarella cheese, Kalari is kept frozen in packets of 500 grams to maintain freshness. Each packet contains approximately 5-7 pieces. Made from the purest milk coming directly from cows and buffaloes grazing in the Himalayan mountains, it is manufactured under fair trade principles.

5. The Peach & Blackberry jams

The Peach & Blackberry jams are artisan jams made with a passion for food & preserving the fruit flavours & benefits. These jams are made without the use of any chemicals, artificial colouring, or sulfites and preserve the aroma and flavours of pure, ripe fruit in a glass bottle.

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