Make Way for the most Beautiful Nursery in Gurgaon— The Green Boutique!!


Are you one of those individuals who hunt for plants to decorate every gap and corner of their houses and gardens? And let’s accept that, given the concerning levels of pollution, this is the least we can do for ourselves. After all, some beautiful planters offer a touch of elegance to our homes and gardens and work as natural air purifiers. Therefore, we have the best hand-picked plant nursery recommendation in town to help all Gurugram gardeners add greenery to your houses and garden area. One of the best Nursery in Gurgaon.


The Green Boutique (TGB) home of plants is here to assist you in achieving your “CLEAN GREEN DREAM” is what. At TGB, they want to give you the planters, gardening equipment, fertilizers, and other items you need to improve the environment in your bedroom, dining hall, lounge room, bathroom, balcony, office, etc. The 80,000 square foot TGB Farm in Gurgaon, Haryana, is home to more than 250 varieties of healthy plants, indoors and outdoors, in various sizes. A perfect gift to choose from these varieties for your friend or family on their special occasion.


TGB has staff assigned at different levels gathered under one roof to ensure that your experience purchasing a plant gets much easier and more economical with each passing day. They employ cutting-edge technology to care for our plants and traditional fertilization methods that experts have regarded as the safest and ideal. In addition, they have made an effort to preserve their farm as naturally as possible and firmly support the “3R” method of operation, i.e., reduce, reuse and recycle. 


The Green Boutique is a modern and enthusiastic supplier and manufacturer of several varieties of landscaping and gardening plants. Their products start from Rs.10 at the farm. And at the store it starts from Rs. 99 available at the stores. Choose from various beautiful plants for your office corner or work desk to enhance your favourite space with TGB.  In order to produce items that stand out, they uphold a strict quality policy. Their focus on quality and availability of a wide variety at reasonable costs have allowed them to carve out a position in the market quickly. 


To fulfill the increasing demand for plantations in industrial and residential premises, they have a structure of well-supportive equipment and machinery of all essential resources. They also have a store in Sushant Lok, Gurgaon, besides their nursery, which is a one-stop solution to plantation and decoration all under one roof.  They also have the tools and supplies to establish a healthy growth environment for flowers and other landscape gardening plants. 


The Green Boutique guarantees a reliable courier service, quality packing, and pocket friendly due to their goal to serve rather than to earn income. Moreover, since they produce a wide range of products, they are more effective at affordability. TGB has approximately 250 different types of plants. Visit The Green Boutique today to view the most beautiful plants and buy them at affordable prices!

Contact them at 965 4070 080

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Where | Sadhrana Bamripur, Gurugram Haryana
TGB Garden Emporium | C-1524 Ground Floor, Block C, Sushant Lok Phase I, Sector 28, Gurugram.



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