Attention Gurgaon! Tres Dining at Home is now in your city! 


Bright-eyed, talented & hungry to make a mark in the food & beverage world, Chef Julia & Chef Jatin sought to open Tres, a simple & moderately designed restaurant nestled away in Lodi Colony Market in the year 2012. Fast forward to 2021, and Tres is one of the most sought after restaurants in Delhi NCR.


The chefs prefer not to put a label on their cuisine, but we’ll give it a try! The food at Tres is a mix of contemporary, experimental & traditional, with an emphasis on using only the freshest seasonal ingredients. One glance at their menu, and you’ll notice that they make conscious efforts to play with elements from different cultures & geographical regions.


Tres Dining at Home is an extension of the Tres brand name but in a simpler, delivery-friendly avatar. COVID-19 forced a lot of restaurants to adapt and adapt they did! While the menu is fairly more simple–flatbreads, burgers, sandwiches, salads etc., the quality is heightened with the brand’s use of premium ingredients and a mix of new-age & age-old cooking styles.


Know What All They Have

Tres ‘Dining at Home has gone for a “less is more” approach, by deducing its menu offerings to the basics. Everybody likes burgers, everybody wants pizzas, and Tres knew they could make superior renditions of these beloved staples! Their food can be best described as a healthy mix Spanish, Latin, European & American cuisine using local, farm-fresh regional ingredients.


Some of the Top Picks from Their Menu

As winter comes to a close, you’ll need ways to stay refreshed during the hot & humid summer months. We recommend trying their Ginger Jaggery Refresher–made with homemade ginger & gold jaggery syrup, it is sure to add a pep to your step!

The Juju Chicken Wings are a must-have and a signature item on the menu! The wings are cooked in a secret in-house made blend, which only Chef Julia knows the recipe to! While we may not know what the secret sauce is, we do know it tastes mighty good!

A beloved dish that Tres has managed to include in its delivery menu is its 24hrs cooked Spanish porchetta “Pork belly wrapped pork loin”–this dish tastes as fabulous as it sounds! The pork is sous-vide cooked for 24 hours, making it soft, tender & indomitably delicious!

Fancy something traditional but with a signature Tres twist? Their Burrata salad with kombu marinated tomatoes is a must-try! It will go beautifully with their Asparagus, zucchini, spinach and mascarpone risotto–MMM!

If you’re in the mood to be amazed and utterly flabbergasted, then their Josper grilled 6oz tenderloin burger is there to do just that! Rated as the best burger in the city by none other than Mr Vir Sanghvi, it is a feast for the eyes & soul!

Enough with the mouth-watering, get to ordering!

You can order Tres Dining at Home directly by contacting +91 88820 25813!

They are also available on Zomato

Happy ordering! 🙂


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