Udgam Preschool is among the best preschools in Gurgaon for your Lil Munchkin!


It’s crucial to enroll your children in schools that prioritize comprehensive learning, and high-quality teaching from an early age is essential as education opens opportunities for a brighter future. In addition, to make things easier for all of you new parents, we recommend the best preschool in Gurgaon.


Udgam Preschool ensures your kid’s bright future in the finest ways possible. It is crucial to start guiding your child in the proper direction at a young age. They work to promote your children’s overall development by combining the Playway and Montessori preschool practices.


They provide a flawless balance of Indian culture with modern education, where kids are educated to flourish academically and grow up with moral principles and values. Moreover, they teach everything in a friendly and engaging approach to ensure the child’s physical and mental growth, as their vision is to help their kids learn in the best way possible, even while playing and exploring.


Due to their eagerness to learn, Udgam preschool believes that children between the ages of 2 and 5 require maximum concentration and attention. As a result, they strive to offer a remarkable atmosphere that will support them and generate opportunities to ignite their interest and evoke enthusiasm while teaching them ethical qualities like respect and kindness. Therefore, in addition to the best facilities, kids are provided with a creative and successful educational curriculum for their overall development.

Udgam Preschool, a high-performing institution with a holistic approach to education, offers an environment favorable/favourable to learning and helps the little ones develop their communication skills. Furthermore, through direct instruction and active engagement in various extracurricular activities, games, and other activities, the school aims to strengthen the foundation of your child.

They believe that because every child is unique, they should all be acknowledged for their talents. Therefore, to put this concept into practice, they have designed an environment free from discrimination and conformity where kids may express their opinions and embrace their uniqueness without feeling insecure. Isn’t it amazing?

Last but not least, this preschool strongly believes in teaching kids the best values via creative learning. Therefore, the entire curriculum is created to take care of their growth and, most importantly, meet the different requirements of your little ones. Hence, according to their developmental requirements and skills, the kids learn fine and gross motor skills in this supportive environment.

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Where: DLF Phase-II, Site No. 2120, behind POLICE STATION, DLF Phase 2, Gurugram