Best Pre Schools In Gurgaon For Your Little One: Reviewed


Choosing the right Pre-school for your kid is a very important decision. There are so many pre-schools in Gurugram to choose from, here’s a list of best Pre/ Play Schools in Gurugram. So you can select the best Pre/ Play schools for your child.


• Vidya Vana (DLF Phase-1)

Nestled in the expansive greenery of DLF Phase 1, Vidya Vana Preschool is a unique blend of a welcoming campus with natural & playful spaces, facilities that cater to every aspect of a child’s early development and learning needs, and a dedicated team of experienced teachers and staff. All together providing an enriching environment for your child’s early education journey.

Vidya Vana’s combined Montessori and Reggio Emilia curriculum prioritises holistic development, curiosity-driven exploration and play-based learning. With an ideal teacher-student ratio, your child will receive individualised attention ensuring their happiness, success and overall growth and development.

Guided by the principles of quality, care, and a profound dedication to shaping a brighter future, Vidya Vana offers a nurturing haven where young minds thrive.

Vidya Vana hosts events, open houses and personalised school tours.


Get in touch with them on WhatsApp at +918595585612

Drop by Vidya Vana Preschool in DLF Phase 1, Gurugram on school days between 9am – 12pm.

Visit their website to learn more.

• Udgam Preschool (DLF Phase -2)

A renowned preschool in Gurgaon, Udgam Pre-school promotes children’s holistic growth by providing an atmosphere specifically designed for it. Here, a strong focus is placed on nurturing the child’s actual personality, morality and ethics, sensitivity, and inherent bond with our Indian culture, traditions, and values, in addition to academic brilliance. Udgam Preschool takes the maximum-suited measures to ensure your child’s bright future. It is essential to begin guiding your child on the right path while they are young. They combine the Playway and Montessori preschool methodologies with supporting your kids’ overall growth. This preschool offers a range of enjoyable training activities for your kid while also helping in the growth of their abilities.  Along with the other compulsory subjects, your kid will learn various dance styles, languages, musical instruments, and other things at this preschool. The extracurricular activities qualified teachers offer to help the children grow their strength to deal with the outside world. This preschool uses an engaging approach to promote your child’s overall development.


Call them at 088886 37888

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Where | Site No. 2120, behind POLICE STATION, DLF Phase 2, Gurugram.

• Vallores Preschool (Suncity, Sector 54)

Vallores is a preschool where your children will embark on an exciting educational adventure with common experiences growing up. Values are referred to as valores in Spanish. At Vallores Preschool, they want to teach these principles to their young students so they can grow up with empathy and genuine care for the prosperity of others and the nation. Vallores provides a curriculum that encourages values and develops your child’s mental, social, physical, and emotional qualities. By encouraging young learners to inquire, observe, investigate, and, most importantly, learn how to do these things independently, their Montessori way of teaching enhances their learning.


Call them at 9625439196

Visit their website

Where | G-Block, Suncity, Sector 54, Gurugram.

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• Klay (Multiple locations)

One of Gurgaon’s top pre-schools, Klay School, is dedicated to encouraging the early years of the nation’s potential leaders. The staff prioritises the children’s overall growth in this environment and goes above and beyond to ensure it happens.

With a total space of 10,000 square feet, this is one of Gurgaon’s biggest preschools and daycare facilities. The maximum age for enrollment in this school is six months. The school offers a variety of programs, such as infant care, where 6 to 15-month-old kids participate in several activities.  Moreover, toddler groups are split into junior kids 15 months and older and senior kids who include 2yrs onwards. 

A full-day care program is available for children aged six months to 10 years. The kindergarten group is categorised into three communities: prekindergarten, kindergarten 1, and kindergarten 2. Throughout India, Klay has several centres. The many bits of intelligence theory and experiential learning are the foundations of the educational philosophy at this preschool.


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Call them at | 7676708888

Where | Sector 45, Sector 22, Sector 65, DLF Cyber Park, DLF Phase-4, Golf Course Road, Sector 81, Sector 51, Sector 70, Sector 57, DLF Phase-5, And DLF Cyber City.

• First Cry Intellitots– (Multiple Locations)

Firstcry Intellitots Preschool provides a remarkable early learning experience for your precious child thanks to its large outdoor play spaces, cutting-edge infrastructure, safe and secure atmosphere, and qualified teachers. Give your child the finest possible start in life, which they’ll never forget. IntelliC, established by professionals in early childhood education, combines renowned educationalists’ recommended methods with philosophers’ ideas. As a result, they provide the children with realistic, engaging, and sensory-stimulating learning opportunities. 

The story of Firstcry Intellitots began in 2010 with its first preschool in Hyderabad to prepare young children to excel in tomorrow’s society. Firstcry Intellitots has established a reputation as one of the top preschools in the nation by maintaining our mission to develop skills, foster curiosity, and promote discovery among young learners. Firstcry Intellitots has established itself in several cities and won numerous awards. Every year, EducationWorld lists them among the Best Preschools in Hyderabad, Gurgaon & Bangalore, and the Fastest Growing Preschool Chain in India.


Call them at 074198 71111

Where |  Block, Pocket I, Nirvana Country, Sector 50, Gurugram.

• Plot No NS 01, South city 2, Block I, Near F Block Market, Gurugram.

• Kido Pre School & Day Care (DLF Phase-4)

The Kido Preschool & Daycare in Gurugram is a remarkable example of architecture, management, and inspirational teachings. They are located in a 16000-square-foot building next to Galleria Market, where kids can be themselves and learn in their progressive classes at their speed. In addition, there’s an accessible play area, a swimming pool, an art gallery, and a children’s playground, making every day as different as the city surrounding them!

Children can feel secure, at home, and at ease in Kido daycare. It has been created to provide them with the finest experience possible. They have structured their half-day and full-day programs to accommodate your children’s requirements, such as lunchtimes and nap times. They also offer enjoyable activities that support their physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development. 

The kids have a designated napping area, and a fully functional pantry supports mealtime. While giving them time for extracurricular activities, the program encourages kids to participate in activities suitable for their age. Your kid can participate in several club activities in addition to the planned daily schedule, where they may improve their music, writing, language, and other skills.


Call them at 9311021988

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Where | Plot No 4401, DLF Phase IV, Near Galleria Market, Gurugram.

• Pathways Early Years– (Golf Course Road)

This is another of Gurgaon’s top daycare centres and preschools because it strongly emphasises providing your kid with a safe and friendly atmosphere. The teachers here have the required skills to handle any scenario patiently. When necessary, they make swift choices to offer immediate help. 

This preschool stands out for having an audio-visual space and very affordable tuition costs. Thanks to the activities offered here, your kid is prepared for the next level. This preschool offers a variety of unique teaching resources and curriculums designed to fulfil the unique requirements of every kid. In addition, the extracurricular activities are managed by qualified specialists who ensure your child can explore hidden talents. 

They frequently host events inviting parents to participate and have fun with their kids. Pathway Early Years, a high-performing school with a comprehensive approach to education, offers an environment suitable for learning and for the little one’s growth in social skills. By encouraging direct engagement in various co-curricular activities, games, and other activities, this school seeks to improve your child’s foundation.


Call them at 097177 55998

Where | Golf Course Rd, Huda, Sushant Lok 2, Sector 55, Gurugram.

• Ipsaa Preschool & Daycare- (Sector 51)

Ipsaa Preschool offers a playful, educational approach and adheres to the Child First ideology, which guarantees that your child’s involvement, safety, and growth requirements are satisfied in an environment that feels like home. For kids between the ages of 1.8 and 6, the Ipsaa program provides a wide range of activities. It has excellent infrastructure and the finest current popular amenities. 

The teachers here are knowledgeable and skilled. Furthermore, the school offers extracurricular activities, including dance, music, and painting. Their goal is to make parenting stress-free so that you, as a parent, may find a balance between your work and time with your kids. Ipsaa is similar to a huge Indian household where kids may engage with other kids in a loving, nurturing setting. Childhood is a journey that starts in the Heart of Joy.


Call them at 1800 121 2467

Where | Plot No. 21A, J Block, Mayfield Gardens Opp. Nirvana Country, Sector-51, Gurgaon.

• Modern Montessori International Preschool (Dlf Phase -1)

This preschool offers your child a loving atmosphere. It provides a cosy atmosphere that helps your child learn rapidly and easily. The activities offered here are based on themes, including play-based learning, art, scientific outings, music, etc. This preschool uses the Montessori approach, which helps kids grow their personalities, independence, and creativity. 

Your child will learn everything quickly due to their one-on-one interactions with the teachers. This preschool places equal emphasis on moral education, such as sharing, respecting others’ ideas, and etiquette, in addition to academic education. Also, they provide imaginative games like building toys, crossword puzzles, alphabet building blocks, etc., for your child’s cognitive growth.

Call them at | 098992 93824

Where | 1113, DLF Phase 1, Sector 26, Gurugram.

• Footprints Play-school– (Multiple Locations)

It is Gurgaon’s premier preschool and day care. It has its own locations in Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad, with many more to come. The school offers several cutting-edge amenities, including real-time CCTV cameras and smartphone updates that let parents follow their child’s live activities and learn about what they are learning. Admissions criteria include being 9 months old. The youngsters receive 100% nutrient-rich meals from the school. 

The rich atmosphere that the school offers its students allows them to think, act, and react. In addition to providing its kids with the finest facilities, Footprints Education Play School also has a very innovative and successful curriculum. Students are taught language skills and are given a knowledge of fundamental concepts through a wide range of creative projects and approaches. So register your kids here and see their growth and learning!


Call them at 8010055055

Where | Sector 18, DLF Phase 3, Nathupur, DLF-4, Palam Vihar, Sohna Road, Sector 14, Sector 51, Sector 4, Sector 65, and Sector 84 Gurgaon.

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