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Are you someone who can’t let go of old things but also cannot use it presently? Upcycling those things is what you can do the best for them. Compulsive Upcycler, based in Gurugram, are the makers who love to upcycle old and used things and give a new lease of life to them! As the name suggests, they help in upcycling the products by not harming the environment in the process. 


Each of their products is crafted with utmost love and personalised touch which is as unique as people ordering them. As a piece of art, no two products have the same design or features. 


What was once a passion for upcycling turned into a full-time profession for Ms. Anandita, the owner of the brand. The very thought of spreading awareness for a zero-waste lifestyle made them start with Compulsive Upcycler.

You can find a range of upcycled products like exquisite decor pieces, string arts, keychains, jewellery boxes and so on, making each purchase an eco-friendly choice.

Make smart purchasing choices because it’s the right time for you to not be guilty about the same anymore! Receive eco-friendly packages from them and hang the exquisite art pieces in your home and proudly proclaim your green life choices!

Contact No. 96183 46522

Location: Compulsive Upcycler Sector 50, Gurgaon


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