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Fit Women build a healthy family and indeed a healthy nation. But there are struggles we women face when we commit to fitness. Some of us may have issues with managing time while others may have issues relating restrictions from the family. However, facing creeps in the gym is a constant struggle for most of us.


Vivafit is a growing chain of women’s only gym driven to make fitness for women easy and essential. The underlying concept is to provide an enjoyable and safe environment for women to focus on their health.

Did you know a woman’s body undergoes massive stress post-pregnancy and during menopause? And that we women start losing a lot of muscle post-’30s? It is no brainer that the kind of nutrition and exercises women’s body needs far different than what the traditional gyms prescribe. Besides just a safe environment, Vivafit also has programs designed specifically for women’s needs.


Nutrition and exercise patterns are specifically designed to cater to women’s needs depending on their age and health goals. Also, keeping the time constraints in mind, their programs require just about 30 mins of your time, 2 to 3 times a week.

Same old cardio, running on the treadmill, lifting weights gets me bored you would say? Well well, they have all kinds of workouts that focus on burning fat, building strength, stamina and endurance without losing on mobility and flexibility.


Choose from Circuit training, yoga, Zumba, pilates, Sbarre and much more. They have internationally certified women coaches who can understand the needs of your body and help you get fitter and better with each passing day.


There is no room for any more excuses ladies, get a free pass here and just show up already now for a fitter you this 2020. 

Vivafit currently operates in 4 locations, out of which 3 are based in Gurgaon. You can call or just walk in for a free trial class. 

To visit Center at M3M Urbana, Gurgaon

To visit Center at South city -2, Gurgaon 

To visit Center at Supermart 1, Gurgaon

To visit Center at GK 2, Delhi

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