Whisky Paired Evenings at Whisky Samba


In order to create an experiential destination where Whisky is not just a spirit but a philosophy, Whisky Samba curated an evening that paired 5 whiskies with a 5-course menu which showcased how unique individual whiskies can be and the prowess of the Whisky Samba kitchen. The Whisky menu was masterfully put together with a combination of Single Malts, Blends and Bourbons as an endeavour to take the guest through a landscape of whisky countries and the food menu was paired to amplify the notes of the whisky bouquets. 


Whisky Samba aspires to create these experiences not just to feature their extensive whisky selection but to inspire guests to delve into the finesse of fine whisky tastings. 

Starting with The Ardmore Legacy Highland Malt with a creamy vanilla spice palate that breathe into more smoky charcoal notes that is a balance of sweet honey and a touch of spice. On the nose, this fine single malt has a hint of heather honey, cinnamon and toffee bonbon with a full-bodied finish that’s silky and lingering, leaving behind a mouthfeel peppered with delicious spice notes. The Ardmore Legacy was paired with Beetroot, Carrot & Goat Cheese (Vegetarian), where the sweetness of beetroot and carrot played up the smokiness and the goat cheese added to the silken mouthfeel. The Lamb Loin with fermented flora jus (Non-Vegetarian) allowed the flora jus to complement the heather honey and toffee notes. 


For the Second Course, the Bowmore 12 y.o. Islay Malt brought out a lovely smokiness with fruit elements that include the tartness of pineapple and peach. On the nose, this Single Malt is an appetising combination of smoke and caramelized tropical fruit with an emphasis on pineapple with a finish that is both robust and relaxing, leaving behind a gentle smoky aftertaste. This course was paired with Smoked Cheese and Pesto Flakes Roulade (Vegetarian) to heighten the smokiness of the malt and Pineapple Jerk Pork Star Anise Porchetta Style (Non-Vegetarian) to accentuate the deep flavours of caramelized pineapple.


The Third Course showcased the Laphroaig 10 y.o. Islay Malt with its surprising sweetness gently folding into hints of salt layered with a distinct peatiness that is a Laphroaig signature. On the nose, this Single Malt stays true with huge smoke with a hint of sweetness, the other surprise elements being mineral notes of seaweed and a medicinal undertone which makes the finish a lingering accent, of this fine dram. This course was paired with equally enticing, Silken Tofu Garlic Crisps with Wasabi Mayo (Vegetarian) adding a touch of pungency to the sweet and peat and Chicken and Nori Cigars with Mushroom Soy (Non-Vegetarian) where the nori carried forth the seaweed notes of the Scotch.

The fourth course ventured into American territory with classic American whisky, the Bourbon, Kentucky’s finest. Starting with Jim Beam Black, where the oak notes are played up by caramel vanilla and a front end of spice, particularly cinnamon. On the nose comes vanilla flavoured sweet caramel interspersed with a touch of corn from the mash that creates a true Bourbon experience. The finish is deep and robust with lingering hints of peat and sherry. Paired with Sweet Potato and Malt Reduction (Vegetarian) to complement the sweetness and the peat and Scallops and Chorizo (Non-Vegetarian) that adds the sweetness of the sea with a suddenness of pungent spice from the chorizo.

The final course saved the best Bourbon for last, Maker’s Mark Premium Kentucky Bourbon with a palate that’s more savoury than the notes suggest. With toasted nuts and cinnamon, this Bourbon is initially sweet with hints of vanilla and caramel that builds into a finish that’s both light and sweet and builds as you savour it. This was paired with Mushroom Chocolate & Walnut Dust (Vegetarian) with the umami from the mushroom balancing the savoury notes of the Bourbon and Duck Lavash & Nuts (Non-Vegetarian) that complements the nuttiness and adds game flavours to the Bourbon and food pairing.


Where: Two Horizon Center, DLF Phase 5, Golf Course Road Gurugram

For Reservations Contact: 098118 01682, 099995 66232

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