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Believe it or not, technology is taking over the world and how! Recently, a website like Clinikally came to our notice and we couldn’t help but see the buzz it was creating. The name almost uncovers what it does – yes, your skincare needs will now be met DIGITALLY. The reason why Clinikally is garnering all the attention is it helps save time and money by finding solutions for your skin and hair all under one roof. With artificial intelligence, the brand delivers personalised skin and hair treatment plans.


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This startup came into existence in the year 2021. The web-based platform offers on-point consultation and the prescription is given through the website to the customers. The brand has a very simple product approach. After identifying your concern, the team works closely to help the consumers get the best of products. For people with underlying skin and hair concerns, these products give you desired and effective results. Furthermore, to make it a unique experience, patented ingredients with high efficacy are sourced from the USA and Europe. Isn’t that amazing?


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Did you ever imagine sitting at home and getting a dermatologist instantly? Imagine skipping the long queues at the dispensary or pharmacy! Clinikally has made the online experience pretty simple and seamless. In short, the next time you notice a sudden breakout or see heavy hair fall, just take an online consultation with Clinikally.


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The Problem Being Solved By Clinikally Skincare and haircare trends keep evolving constantly and whilst 2022 witnessed a vast shift in trends, the way of looking at solutions is changing too. Also thanks to the pandemic, most of us need faster solutions, which can be effective and easy. And if one can get that, just sitting on the couch, there’s nothing like it. There are a lot of benefits as well associated with Clinikally. You can literally consult from anywhere you like. The dermatologists online help you with an immaculate consultation. Just scheduling and hopping on a video call on this digital health platform, getting the expert advice you need is truly serving the purpose of faster resolutions.


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Moreover, even in today’s time, top tier 2 or tier 3 cities do not have access to derma clinics. But with a website like Clinikally, getting experienced doctors, right on your screen helps with easy access. This place brings you quicker and more seamless expert advice.

How It Works & Gives You The Best Solutions One of the key features of Clinikally is its digital questionnaire, which patients can use to provide information about their medical history and existing conditions. Patients can also upload photos to help with diagnosis and treatment planning. Based on this information, Clinikally assigns patients to a doctor, who can provide personalized care over the long term. Patients have the option to be assigned to a doctor within 30 minutes of completing the questionnaire.

To further improve the accuracy and efficiency of its platform, Clinikally is actively developing its own database of skin profiles. This will allow the company to use AI to enable automated diagnoses and treatment recommendations. This is expected to improve the speed and accuracy of diagnoses and treatment planning, while still keeping a doctor in the loop to provide oversight and ensure the best care for patients.

The Rx-grade products arrive at your doorstep post the consultation. Clinikally basically aims to cut off time constraints and the physical need of waiting in long queues. No matter where you reside, with the help of the best skin and hair experts from metropolitan cities, just within a few clicks, you can receive the treatment you are looking for.

More About Clinikally The startup aims to focus on treatments across 500 cities for skin issues like acne, hyperpigmentation, ageing, psoriasis, eczema and hair loss. Because science helps treat a lot of health hazards, a good self-care routine prescribed by the doctor can really better your well-being. At every step of the way, the doctors on the panel are a part of the formulations, backed by science. This includes high-grade ingredients.

There are a lot of skincare tips and home remedies that give you that glowy, dewy skin. However, not every skin type can enjoy the benefits of the famous kitchen items. If the condition you are facing has reached its peak, you would need a doctor’s consultation and Clinkinally offers just the perfect results and improvements.

Overall, the goal of Clinikally is to provide a seamless pharmacy and telemedicine experience for millions of Indians, while keeping costs competitive. If this is the need of the hour for you and you don’t wish to step out, take a consultation online and see the magic unfold itself.

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