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Welcome to the brand-new world of digital skincare, health, and beauty consultations. A Whatsapp call or a Direct Message to your local dermatologist looked unprofessional and far-fetched at one point. But now that it has become normal, we are not criticizing.

The fact that these locations have opened up to provide us with some relief is crucial. Beauty brands and dermatologists have begun providing online consultations keeping those lockdown regulations and scenarios in mind. Additionally, it serves as a method of maintaining consistent contact with clients and customers.

When it comes to the beauty sector, people usually need help with the method followed while manufacturing the products. Because of this, a new age of skincare products is emerging, manufactured under the guidance of skilled dermatologists with a combined experience of 50,000+ clients.

Due to the fact that these products do not harm our skin, hair, gut, or overall well-being, their popularity is obvious. Clinikally has become a potential start-up in the beauty industry by leveraging this demand for personalized treatment plans according to your issues. In addition, they closely collaborate with dermatologists to develop highly effective formulations that address various underlying skin and hair issues.

How Clinikally Works?

The brand, founded in 2021, offers prescription cosmeceuticals directly to customers and uses its web-based platform to connect clients and dermatologists. Before using the system, customers must complete a questionnaire about their hair and skin issues and some images. 

Subsequently, a dermatologist will be assigned to them for a video consultation via WhatsApp. They may also have a consultation over the phone or through chat. The dermatologist will recommend cosmeceuticals that can be ordered and purchased from Clinikally’s online pharmacy.

With roughly 125 partner brands offering prescription-grade hair and skin products, Clinikally now employs eight dermatologists and product developers. In order to create an AI model for automatically delivering treatment plans, the business is now building a database of skin and hair profiles as well as prescriptions. 

In 500 locations, the 11-month-old brand has already provided treatments for diseases including eczema, psoriasis, acne, hyperpigmentation, aging, and hair loss.

Some benefits of choosing Clinikally:

The benefit is that you connect with a dermatologist or brand expert for significantly less cost, find a solution to your problems, and maintain social distance at the same time. Nowadays, there are various ways to communicate, including Whatsapp, Zoom calls, FaceTime, mail, and even Direct Messages (DMs). 

To obtain an accurate diagnosis, ask as many questions as necessary and demonstrate the diseased area under well-lit conditions. The only negative aspect? You should clarify your issue more precisely, and you will achieve the best results possible in less time.

Undoubtedly, there are several other advantages to virtual skincare consultations with Clinikally, some of which are as follows:

  • The Flexibility of Travelling: Depending on one’s comfort level and preferences, one can participate in a virtual consultation session from any location. In order to consult with a skincare or hair care specialist, there is no need to get ready and visit a dermatologist.

Additionally, it is simpler to make an online appointment with Clinikally because it does not conflict with a person’s routine. According to the scheduled time, one may even attend the session from their work site during the interval.

  • Easy & Hassle Free: All required to take part in the video consultation with a skincare professional is that you should be available during the scheduled time. Top-tier dermatologists also go over and beyond to make appointments as convenient as possible for their clients. In addition, these professionals use lucid language to communicate to their clients the underlying causes of current skincare or hair care problems.

Furthermore, top-notch skincare and hair care experts at Clinikally consistently come up with practical, first-rate solutions to their client’s problems. In short, Clinikally’s online skin care specialists may do miracles for skin and hair-conscious people when it comes to preserving skin and hair health and resolving these concerns on a budget.

Product Preparation Technique:

  1. Identifying the Issue: They interact with dermatologists to create innovative formulations that address a wide range of underlying skin & hair issues.
  2. Targeting Basal Pathogenesis: In order to achieve the desired & efficient outcomes, a Clinikally team of dermatologists examines the connection between active ingredients and skin/hair follicles.
  3. Obtaining High-Quality Ingredients: They acquire the most effective and next-generation ingredients from the USA and Europe.
  4. Supported by Science: To evaluate the effectiveness of their medical-grade products, they fund clinical trials using Indian volunteers.

Clinikally was established to deliver skin and hair care to everyone’s doorstep. Their dermatological products and online consultations offer your self-care regimen the scientific edge because science is powerful. In addition, they create therapeutic strategies for the skin and hair using effective products. 

In order to provide you with skin and hair care supported by research and top-notch ingredients, their medical committee is actively involved in every stage of the formulary procedure. As a result, dermatologists around India recommend Clinikally products that can be used regularly.

Summing up!!

In other words, maintaining the skin and hair’s health, brightness, and youthfulness for a longer period of time requires a skin care and hair care regime. Moreover, skincare and hair care experts develop the best beauty regimen for their clients and communicate the results via video consultation.

Experts assess their clients’ current life habits and determine whether any changes are necessary. However, most professionals nowadays find it challenging to meet with clients in person, therefore, people may get all this advice and instructions without doing so with Clinikally.

Some of their recent Achievements:

Clinikally, a venture for digital healthcare and e-commerce, achieved a key milestone earlier this year when it entered the famed accelerator Y-Combinator in Silicon Valley. Arjun Soin, a San Francisco-based entrepreneur who launched Clinikally approximately a year ago, has been developing a digital health platform that seamlessly merges healthcare with user experience.

Clinikally, which offers treatment programs and solutions in more than 700 cities, will take part in the summer 2022 batch of Y-Combinator. The Indian healthcare industry is expected to reach US$ 372 billion by the end of 2022, thanks to the Health Ministry and Family Welfare’s (MoHFW) allocation of US$ 11.28 billion in the current year’s budget to speed up growth and development in this sector.

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