How to Rent a Bike in Gurgaon?


As the wind rushes by and a breathtaking view unfolds with every mile being covered, we get short of words to describe the thrill and euphoria of a bike ride. Witnessing a place’s beauty in its completely raw form is incomparable to any other wonder of the world. You can not only feel the fresh air accompanying you, but the euphoric experience of being on the road gets etched in your memory lane forever.

The bike rentals have been the dream facilitator for every travel enthusiast who wants to cover their journey by roads gaining the first-hand experience of their sojourn. On and often, it happens that due to certain constraints such as travel permits, commutation issues, etc., an individual cannot fulfill their aspirations. To solve this issue, generation Z has sought a solution and that is giving out bikes on rent. The customer can place a request for their preferred vehicle to the company, and then the firm drops the vehicle at the chosen location post some mandatory verification and Voila! You can venture wherever you want. This system has been super beneficial even for the daily office-goers, who face the crunch in public transportation. The bikes are available on hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rental. Suiting to your pocket needs it paves a way to all the people who just want to Droooooommmm!

There are many individual bike rental companies operating in Gurgaon, a few of which are listed below. However, if you do not want to go through all websites one by one, then you can check bike rentals in Gurgaon, where you can find multiple vendors and their prices in one place.


Launched with the notion of minimizing the void of active transportation in the absence of public transport, GoBikes offers minimal rental rates in the domain. The company provides bikes for not only trips and sojourns but also daily commutation. The sole idea behind the venture was to solve the issue of rental vehicles at an economical price. It makes sure that the entire process from the booking to submitting the vehicle on the concerned date is free of flex and hurdles.

1. Lowest Price Guarantee
2. Doorstep Delivery
3. 24*7 Customer Service
4. No Intricate Documentation
5. On-road Assistance
6. Mechanical and Electric Bikes Available

Price Range: 349/day to 1500/day.

Type of rentals: Daily, weekly, monthly, and for long trips.


The venture is unique in the domain as it offers multiple options to its customers for bike riding. From the lightweight vehicles to the magnanimous beasts, you can relish the multiple bike models on rents at an affordable price. On the basis distance to be covered, you can choose any model for rent and get on-road assistance along with it.

1. Expansive Range
2. Affordable Price
3. Low-Security Deposits
4. Verified Vehicles and Dealers
5. Secured Payments
6. Money back Guarantee

Price Range: The range differs for hourly rentals to monthly rentals. It can vary from Rs
69/hour to Rs 5.5k /month.

Type of rentals: Hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.


From the home of passionate bike lovers, comes the idea of OnnBikes. What started as a rental service has turned into a canopy for all the bike needs – maintenance, service gears, trip planning, and much more. The company has been a genie to all those stranded dreamers who want to go for long trips but fear the on-road maintenance. With the expansive range of stores
and service stations, you can get your engine roaring again. The firm uses an impressive fleet of bikes such as Honda Activa, Honda Dio, Pulsar 150, Royal Enfield 350 Classic, Avenger 220 street, Bajaj CT 100, Avenger 220 Cruise, Dominar 400 ABS and Pulsar NS 200.

1. Bike Gears
2. Multiple Service Stations
3. Personalized Wallet and Offers
4. Customized Tour Package

Price Range: Rs 159/daily to 16k/month

Type of rentals: Hourly (Min. 4 hours), daily, weekly, and monthly.

Royal Brothers

What happens when a bunch of millennials tries to provide a solution for mobility? They create a comprehensive platform for rental bikes, which encompasses 14 states, 43 cities, and 3 international ones. The team of Royal Brothers is a team of dedicated professionals who not only addressed the issue but also devised an easy gateway to rentals, which everyone could trust. From scooters to fancy bikes, the customer can get whatever they want as the site goes up by the tagline ‘Why buy when you can rent.’


1. Affordable Rates
2. Location Delivery
3. 24*7 Customer Service
4. Easy Verification
5. Mechanical Assistance

Price Range: Rs 15/hour to 3.3k/month

Type of rentals: Hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.


Started by Enfield fanatics back in 2009, the firm has an impressive collection of bikes, but their first love Royal Enfield remains the same. Apart from being in love with the beast engine, they want to be dream facilitators for all those who are bitten by the travel bug. The firm plans euphoric trips to capture the sheer beauty of nature, all in its raw form. To ensure the safety of all the travelers, an extensive quality check of bikes is done before being rented.

1. Expansive Bike Fleet
2. Comfortable and Cozy Accommodation
3. Spread across 120 Cities
4. Customized Packages
5. Enthralling Tour Plans

Price Range: 20/hr to 3.4k/month

Type of rentals: Hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.


With a vision to help people in experiencing the rich cultural heritage of India via roads, the travel bugs of Delhi went on forming a rental bike circle. They believe that the real joy of the journey lies in travelling through the roads. From the dusty trails of Rajasthan to the rugged terrains of Spiti and cities like Gurgaon, you can venture wherever you want with your roaring engine. Grab on the clutches with LetsRyde and release the brake of exhilaration in your life.

1. Verified Bikes to Assure Rider’s Safety
2. Experienced Mentors
3. Easy Online Experience
4. Doorstep Service
5. Protective Gears

Price Range: Depends on the no. of people in the group

Type of rentals: Only trip rentals (Booking should be made 5 days before the due date).

With the luxurious sedans and fleet of four-wheelers, the heart may drool off for a while; But Bikes have always been the first love of every rider. The freedom it gives to conquer the road in the most affordable and accessible way is completely incomparable to any other resort.

Happy Riding!


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