Rekindle Mughle-E-Azam with Saleem Javed Rule the Rolls


‘’Come to my kitchen of love, Salamu – Alaikum’’ a baritone voice welcomed us inside Saleem Javed Rule the Rolls. The gentleman, barely in his forties, dressed immaculately introduced himself as Saleem and Javed of the Khan Market Brothers. He steered us through the newly-done place with a glimpse of the sports section, artist club, who’s lounge and the growing up space. The chess-board tiles, the school kids on the stairs, baby pressure cooker serving Daal Makhni, the picturesque wall, all had a story to tell- the journey of the oldest kebab maker.


Drawn to the aromas from the galli kitchen, we sunk ourselves in the plush sofa. What we ate?? We’re embarrassed!!! We’re never done with melt-in-mouth kebabs; this time what caught our attention was Kebab Burger!!! Juicy, grilled, chicken kebab packed inside a burger topped with mayo suits a work lunch or the evening binge. After the burger gluttony, we grabbed their hero, the Roll!! Chunks of flavourful chicken in red masala stuffed into a paper thin Roomali roti come served with a spicy chutney, lemons and finely chopped onions.


As far as the melting deliciousness is concerned, all of them claim to be heavenly. And we’re not yet one, the Kebab maestros create feast out of charcoal grilled Tikkas serving you Chicken, Mutton and fish items. I’ve heard Mutton Tikkas took birth in the hands of their father and not trying a plate of that, unfair!!! The tender and succulent mutton cooked with the right blend of spices, it was sensational. The vegetarian paradise is brimming with Veg Hariyali Kebab, Malai Soya Chaap and Paneer Tikka roll. The Curry Rice combination is bound to be your go-to comfort. And with that plate of Phirni a meal of nostalgia is done right.

New entrant in the menu are platters with generous portions that allow you to try a little of everything. While the Carnivores can sink into rolls filled with Chicken Tikka, Seekh and Malai Kebabs, the Vegetarians relish a platter of Paneer, Aloo, Soya Malai and Veg Hariyali Rolls.

The Khan Brothers are never tired of new approaches. Whether it is their dishes, décor, technology or team, innovation is the key. And this newness bring us a to a very English afternoon tea right inside a kebab studio!!! Unheard ever!!! We thought so too. Come summer, Shikanji and Aam Panna will also make way. The brothers have kept the theme ‘Safarnama’ we disagreed while leaving, it is just not a theme, and it is the Midas touch!!!


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