10 Best Places to Visit in Gurgaon – 2024


A leading hub for the exceptional freak-outs Gurugram, a major town in the native Indian state of Haryana situated immediately to the southwest of New Delhi and Chandigarh (best-organized city). It has architecturally modern structures with advanced planning. Sectors and industries everywhere, only a cycle gap with the management of commonly elevated streets, flyovers, and so forth.

In this city, a good number of folks are more likely to workaholics as there is nothing to do after working hours. However, people explore a few locations to let them be entertained. So let’s just begin with the pinnacle sites of the city, where people can spend their leisure time.

• DLF Cyber Hub


It comes first into the categorization as it is a party main, which is close to DLF online town Furthermore, a most happening place known for boozing up alcohol to the alcohol provided cafes with desi spices or herbs recipes to the excellent recipes. Also, one can beat their booties on Desi thumkas blowing in the cafes cum dining places. A place also has decent shops to buy some stuff and many more actions are cast here to take pleasure into the spirit of the insane Gurugramers.

• Ambience Mall


Space for a million smiles as it is known for one stretch of purchasing encounter on every floor. It has evolved the idea of retail outlet purchasing among the shopaholic folks (especially ladies :)) with entertainment and delightful food. Moreover, there is a lesser-known place i.e. ice skating here in the mall itself, where you can be kiddo to do lots of fun. (Cool no!)

• Sai Ka Angan

Here come some spiritual locations as well to have some serenity in your bustling lifestyles! Begin with SAI KA ANGAN TEMPLE, a holy place for the devotees of Sai Baba to find some peacefulness and comfort. Crazy Gurugramers can visit here once by taking some time out from their freakish day-to-day agenda to get some bliss.


• Sheetla Mata Mandir


A historical place of the goddess of blister, goblins, pustules and illnesses rests. A tale behind this mandir is that the Goddess Durga has incarnated as little Katyayani, the small girl of sage Katyayan to remove all noble immoral demonic causes of the world. Ending up with spiritual and religious locations, move on to the places where you can refresh yourselves from the stressful schedules.

• Sultanpur National Park Bird Sanctuary


It can be a favorite weekend getaway for the amateurs (birdwatchers), who love to watch birds migrated from different places as it is declared as a national park by the Haryana Government.

• Leisure Valley Park


It is located right in the middle of Gurugram, which gives you a warm welcome with its lush greenery. This place is not a miss attraction once you are here, where many musical concerts held (just need to be here at once). And, another beautiful sight is to see water dancing to the tunes of the latest numbers. It will dazzle you for sure. (Wow moment for the dancing couples!) Nextly, turn up to the places, which have some actual fun activities in the city.

•Tau Devi Lal Biodiversity Park


A location where individuals usually do outing in the morning hours to have some fresh air as it has a running track (to be fit and most significantly to get a wrist to observe on each and every person, exclusively girls ;)). Also, a fabulous spot for having a little open-air breakfast with your family and friends. A great outdoor option in the mall swarmed town. Overwhelm yourselves by grooving some time to savor your weekends.


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  1. All place in very popular in Gurgaon.